Life expectation is 100 years crops plan for 150 years

Surprising to see the headline? Yes, you cannot do hard work for entire life to produce your own food. Than what is the way out? It is within your own hands. We grow our food for a season or for a year and again plugging, sowing, application of manure, fertilizers, growth promoters, weed control, labour problem, more importantly water, electricity etc. will grow like big tale.

Our life expectancy is about 100 years, if it is sure, than why can’t we try to plan to produce our food for more than 150 years without many efforts? Yes we can do it if we try it. The strategy works effectively to address all problems facing by our Farmers.

In addition to leading our life, health is also main concern for happy life. Healthy food products enhance our life expectancy, eat health food for healthy life and live for strong and long life. What we eat is what we have, If we eat poison, than our body become poisones, eating poison lead us to invite more dangers in life which we know all.

Dear farmers, health and wealth is within our own hands, hence if you try to grow in safe methods, than you will have your own results to enjoy healthy and wealthy life.

Grow multi crops for multiple income in the same extant of land like all accounts of bank i.e Current account in which you see money every day, Savings Bank account in which you see money as on when you may required and FIXED DEPOSIT in which you get income on expected feature.

Yes, you cannot do hard work for entire your life, do work for few years and enjoy rest of the life without much efforts. A person doing job will work for 8 to 9 hours for day but farmer. You can reduce your work lessor than that of a person doing job & Increase profit more than job holder.

I want crops not only for me and my son, but also wanted my grand son to taste the fruit from the tree which i will plant now.This is my long term game plan for life.

Can you take risk to come up with answers to meet my target?
I can take maximum risk to care them for maximum for 5 years with low cost and than they has to take care of me for entire my life for my little efforts to their welfare.

See the picture of 300 year old  jack fruit tree which earn about 25 to 30k year. It is near to Bangalore.
It is giving fruits from past 300 years and assures about another 200 years if properly maintained.

The value of the plant can be noticed by 5 generations if any one can understand of the value of a tree.

    this is amazing. We can not imagine a 300 years old tree and still yielding fruits .

Thanks for sharing the info .


That is why
10 open wells are equivalent to one Pond.
10 Ponds are equivalent to one Lake.
10 Lakes are equivalent to one Reservoir.
10 Reservoirs are equivalent to one SON.
10 Sons are equivalent to one TREE.

I want any one can come up with what are all benefits from plants/trees?

See the photo of Tamarind tree planted by my Grandfather about 100 years ago. The tree height is around 100 feet and width is about 60 feet. My grandfather planted grown and tasted during his lifetime. My father was also enjoyed the fruits, dried leafs for FYM and returns and now we 3d generation are enjoying its benefits.

My grandfather not thought that tamarind gives returns very late hence why I should plant, serve and wait for its income, as it is very late fruit bearing etc. However, he planted for his well being and for our better feature, hence we enjoying it. We never provided water, manure what ever it may be for the said tree in our life time except we getting benefit from it. Where ever I go it will do its duty without any expectation from me and I remember it when it sends message through buyers that it has got certain value of fruits in particular season. I can sell its crops well within 6 months earlier than its fruit harvest during March april of every year. Even I can sell its feature crop if I may get any emergency of money. Hence it is standing Bank for my past, present and feature generations.

Interestingly, this tamarind tree not only gives income for us during its lifetime, but it releases thousands together liters of water to the atmosphere in a day to keep the cool weather around it and giving shelter for those who tired & comes under it(See the stone bench erected by by my Grandfather under it). After all these, this tree is not satisfied with its growth and hence still it is growing further more( See the shining leafs which are budded in the recent past. Finally if it may cut today it will give about 4 to 4 tons of wood, which can be utilised for our wellbeing i.e. making any articles (Our Grandfather used this kind of tree wood for making of wooden bullock kart, as it is very hard wood). Inspiring the same, I had planted about 30 grafted tamarind saplings along with Mango and Jambu Nerale.

Therefore, a tree can give these many benefits to its grower and to universe. What is selfish humans’s contribution to this universe and their own kith and kin?

What’s the shelf life of a techie? Just 15 years. read it … 250356.cms.

Take knowledge from all the sources and don’t pledge it to others including employer to make use of it to maximum and through out.
Do anything with your knowledge for you not for others on your cost.
Even now is also the time for you to realize what you want and act accordingly.
Make yourself to more useful for some one, but be useful for entire universe to get good from it.