Licenses and Permissions - VermiCompost Unit

Can anyone help me with the list of Licenses and Permissions required for running VermiCompost Unit in Karnataka?

Hi! I wish to get in touch with Vermicompost Units in and around Bangalore to know more about the licenses and permissions required to operate such a unit.

Dear Pacoz_Arsenal,
if you want to start a vermicomposting unit in your land for your need , you may not require any license for starting and doing Vermicomposting, except a request letter to Horticulture department Incharge and you may also get subsidy for it.

If you want to start a commercial vermicomposting unit, the following may be required;

  1. you must register your Vermicomposting unit with Horticulture Department, government of Karnataka, get an Authorization, by paying required fee
  2. Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Marketing and Bio Product license from Related Department of Karnataka Government
  3. Get an ISO 9001-2015 license for your products, viz; Vermicompost, Vermi wash, warms etc

All the above you can get from Horticulture Department Asst Director office, near to your place.and they will help us accordingly.
Iappreciate your Idea of starting a Vermicompost unit, which is very needy, has a great market, Profitable and also it is a kind of Service to Farming community, if you are sincere, about the quality of your product.
wish you the best sir.
g.p.rao, farmer


Rao Saheb… Thank you very very much. The intent is to give a hundred percent pure vermicompost to farmer and gardener friends. I have a tremenduos belief the power of Organic Farming and strongly believe that we would ve greatly be able to improve our lives if we all become a little conscious about what we are eating and how it is getting produced. We owe it to children. Thanks, Sir!


Dear Sir,
It is a Fact and please proceed with Nature loving practices.
g.p.rao, farmer