Lemons not yielding

Hi! I planted lemon plants with fruits on them, but since the last 6 years i have not got a single fruit from these plants. The vegetative growth is good, occasionally there is some sparse flowering, but fruits do not form. Have applied potash, but no changes. Sunlight is partial.Do advice . Thanks

Can you share where your farm is located? You said there were lemons on the trees when you planted them, what was the age of the tree then? Are the trees saplings, rooted cuttings or grafts? Weatherwise, are the trees exposed to rains very often?
Look frwrd to your repl on above to give an informed solution to your problem. Thanks & regards,

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I bought the grafted saplings with fruits on them, afterwards there has been no fruiting at all, i am a city gardner have a small 30 feet x 40 feet plot, i have 3
lemon plants, Ramphal tree, Jamun, Sapota, pomegranate, curry leaf, mango all trees intercropped with little vegetables.

Thanks for your reply. From the details, you have a mixed plantation which possibly means that the lemon trees are getting ample irrigation either directly or via the ground when you water the other plants or both.
During this monsoon apply about 15-20 Kg FYM, 1 Kg urea, 750 gm SSP and 500 gm MOP per plant in a ring placed at 1/3 rd distance between trunk and edge of tree canopy. Ensure to give proper irrigation after fertilizer application incase there are no rains.
After this monsoon is over, do not water the lemons and sparingly water the other plants around them.
We will connect again once you see the buds on the trees.

Lemon tree needs water shock to give fruit. You should stop irrigation or any water after monsoon. Search Google got more details but they need this trick to give fruits. Also if flowers are there and no fruits, apply micronutrients

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Put fishes around trees dugged at 7-8 inches