Lemon low yield

This lemon tree is some 10 years old and lately yield is low a d leaves are curled and yellow edges.

How can we increase the yield and also there Less leaves .is that a issue for lemon tree.


Dear Jovi Sir, with my crop experiance of acid lime, iwant to inform you ,that…

it may not be suffering with any diseases

I think sufficient nutritions are not supplied to your lime plant. It appears like, the plant is  suffering with deficiencies. Pl apply immediately with one tub FYM (25 kgs), 1 kg Neem cake, 1/4 kg jetropha cake and 4 kgs vermi compost. Observe soil water condition.

Acid lime is a crop which needs considerable sun light. It appears that the plant is in more shade.  pl check.

All the best to you.  g.p.rao, farmer


thanks for the quick reply, You might be correct about the nutrition deficient as we never put anything to the plant.

I want to know few things.

  1. what is tub FYM(25kg)?
  2. At my place its raining quite heavy is this right time to apply the suggested nutrition’s.


FYM= Farm Yard Manure=Cow dung+straws from the cow barn.

Tub= Basket

for FYM raining  has no effect. but ensure it should not flood and wash away the manure.

If this is only one tree, you can make a home compost with vegetable leftovers,Cofee grind, Tea leaves(leftover), leftover buttermilk, the water from coconut(usually it is thrown in most house after cracking the coconut for chutney). If butter is washed the water drained from butter, the water from washed rice.

Use all the ingrdients for the compost. All the above enhance microbial activity and improve flowering.  This cannot be done if you have many trees.

Dear SRI sir, thank you for the clarifications. g.p.rao,  farmer