Lemon Farming

i Frineds,
I would be interested to know about good quality lemon plants specifically in Tamil Nadu, as i have a plan for planting the Lemon trees on 5 Acres land in Kottampatty, Madurai Dt. Please can anyone advise me for the availability of quality plants for the reasonable cost.

Thanks in advance

Hi Experts

I am a new joiner to Farm Nest and seeking your valuable advise & Can someone tell me about Lemon Variety “Balaji” which the plants available in a Nursery near to Dindigul (Rs.65 per plant) and planning to procure & planting them in my land once i collect all related info and feedback and confident on this particular Balaji variety.

  1. How about the yielding characteristics?
  2. How about the disease impact?
  3. Will the selling price is less or high comparatively?

Appreciate you helps.
Thanks & Regards