LEMMON GRASS & Non Perishable medicinal plants cultivation in VISAKHA RURAL

Dear Experts,

I’m thinking to cultivate lemmon grass and other no perishable medicinal plants in Visakha rural area. My intention is to start a not for profit social enterprise in Agri. Once my won farm stabilised I’ll motivate small form holds to cultivate similar things and ready to build mobile boiler to extract oils.

As I don’t have any solid farming experiance, I’m willing to attend any trainings to get knowledge and to get some networking in this field or else ready to spend good time in your farm to the same. Pls suggest me in this regards.

Thanks Regards,
Kumar Guptha.
WhatsApp: 9346009002

please call me on 9611199535 as we are into large scale lemongrass farming in banagalore