LED grow light for greenhouse and hydroponics chamber

Hello Everyone

We are growing some flowers in a small greenhouse just for hobby purpose. These flowers are light sensitive plants and they need extended light hours for their buds to turn into flowers. I had researched a bit with respect to the light requirements of the flower and come to a conclusion that LED grow light will be best fit for our requirement. What we had found
(1) Out of the whole light spectrum, red and blue spectrum are most required for increasing the photosynthesis period of plant in order to increase its growth and
(2) Extended period of light is required for flowering.

There was much more information available regarding the type of artificial lights available, which we can use, their advantages and disadvantages. In the end we finalize LED grow light. But when we asked their price in the market, it was quite high. Is their any other alternative of them, a cheap one which we can use?

Can some one guide us on the same.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Shailendra,

Have your tried with Metal Halide or Sodium as the spectrum matches more or less to natural sunlight? But this would eat lot of power though…


Hello Mr. Saravana kumar

No we hadn’t tried them yet. But would they be best fit for maize fodder, if we are growing fodder. I had tried contacting some of the companies in Bangalore also and they had quoted me 1650 rupees for the LED grow light and in a chamber of 15x 14 x 12` , they are saying we have to install atleast 10.

Also Metal Halide or Sodium produce too much amount of heat which can make plants or maize dry. Would it not be a problem?

Hi Shailendra,

1650? Best price I have come across till now. :slight_smile:

LED grow light needs more no’s because the coverage is poor but it would depend of the lux rating mainly.

MH or Sodium of course will generate heat, but we can increase the height or use fan to control the temperature cant we? When used in winter with the fans off, it increases the temperature as well isnt it?