Leaving Weeds vs Deweeding with labor

Guys was toying with some cost benefit analysis of weeding. Need your suggestion, take any crop with your experience in a sample 1 Acer of Land

Yield with regular weeding - Output (FullOutput)
Yield without weeding - Output (ReducedOutput)

Difference of FullOutput - ReducedOutput = WeedingLoss

WeedingLossValue = Selling Price of Crop * WeedingLoss

The full cost of Labor for weeding = LaborCost (full crop season)

Which of these two are greater

LaborCost and WeedingLossValue  ??? ???

Interesting thought.

I think it would really depend on the amount of rain. More rain will make the weeds flourish and almost cover the crops, also leaving them to mature will drop seeds and make things worse eventually.

You could look into alternatives like mulching either with coconut waste or sheets.