Leaves in broad beans turning yellow

i have 3 months old broad bean crop, i see leaves turning yellow.
also i see leaf miners too,i have yellow sticky traps placed but seems like not working
not sure what todo, will post pictures later
any advice from the experts.


Genarally whitefly causing damage to broadbeans . I have 60 Days old crop ready for first harvest iin a week. Sprayed Diefeturon 150 Grams per acre to control whitefly and nutrient supplemennt if necessary. If thrips also noticed fiprronil also be treated.

Usually plants gets infected because it is not of heirloom variety. Heirlooms that are passed down over thousands of years have built in resistance for many type of diseases and pests. Hybrid seeds loose their resistance once crossed. 99.99% of the time there is nothing wrong with the soil or nutrients. The PROBLEM is ALWAYS with the seed. If you have paid for the seed… then there is no doubt that it is either hybrid seed or a “controlled” or “terminated” seed. These require the use of various pesticide.