Leaf Curl in Chillies

Can anybody tell me which pesticide / insecticide is to be sprayed on leaf curling disease in Chillies

I believe Chilli Leaf Curl can be due any of sucking pests (mainly thrips, aphids), mites or virus. The chemical will vary based on the pest.
So a few questions -

[li]Do you see any small insects on the leaves? If so which ones?[/li]
[li]Are the leaves curled upwards or downwards?[/li]
[li]Is there any stunting or discoloration of leaves[/li]
[li]Can you post a picture/photo here if possible?[/li][/ul]

Thanx a lot Admin.

many insects are seen around
leaves are curled upwards
yellowish colour and appears to be sick leaves
will upload picture soon

Thanx again

this is a common disease for all solanum variety of hybrid plants. how many acres. how old are the plants. we can solve your problem. there are no chemicals available at present to cure the same. you can send me email- keshavapuri@rediffmail.com

That holds good if it is affected by virus, where one will need to destroy affected plants. Further spraying of an insecticide to prevent further spread by sucking pests will be needed.

If it is sucking pests alone, a good systemic insecticide can be used; and if it is spider mites, a good acaricide will do the job. Let us see the pics!

this is a common disease. it is now cured by us . this is done by spraying a special organic formulation developed by us. we do not sell this in the market.
recently we have treated the similar disease for chiliies near mysore.

Very interesting. That can help a lot of farmers.
Do you have any pictures and data that you can share.

Thank you!

if any one is interested, they can approach us. we will solve the problem in the field. contact at- keshavapuri@rediffmail.com


Solution of Boric Acid 1/100 ratio, will ALSO solve the problem.
a)  Dissolve 100 grams Boric Acid  powder in 100 litres of water.  Stir till completely dissolved.
b)  Spray  “ONLY AT SUN-SET time” ,  throughly on the plant leaves (up-side and under-side)
c)  Twice a week,  till problem is resolved and plants looks totally healthy.

Keep Smiling … Hemant Agarwal


My chilli has downward curl…
Is there any difference in treatment?
I want to know whether the disease is by aphids or virus?
I am not worried about yield as I started only limited plants ( around 30)


I remember reading that the curl direction is different for mites and thrips, but possibly it is not.
Look closely at the leaves and you should be able to make out the pest - thrips have wings, aphids are bulbous and mites are red and spin a web. Assuming you are  going for chemicals, any systemic insecticide should work for the first two and an acarcide for mites.

Viruses are spread by sucking pests - so if you yellow stunted disfigured leaves, the plants have to be removed and destroyed since viruses are generally not easy to cure.

Upwared curl is caused by thrips n downward curl is caused by mites
Management for thrips : acephate 1.5gr/lit water or
Spray Fipronil 2ml /lit water
For prevention treat seeda with imidacloprid
For mites: dicofol 5ml /lit water
Never use synthetic pyrithroids
If u observe curls in both directions :
USE phoslone 2ml or diphithiuron 1.5gr per lit water
NEVER USE acephate spinosad

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