Layering in hybrid papaya for multiplication

Now a days seeds of hybrid papaya are sold at very high price and it is impossible to prouce seeds directly from this hybrid papaya as being done in case of traditional native papaya tree .
However those who want to grow the same hybrid papaya without going for new purchase of seeds can produce / clone the new seedlings from the existing hybrid papaya tree by air layering.

The tender side shoots of hybrid papaya tree are selected . The cocopeat / spagnum mass treated with Auxin is taken in a polybag and tied around the base of side shoot . The new adventious roots develop in about a month time and look ready for planting in the field .
These clones will produce yield soon and all the fruits look same in size and shape as noticed in mother plants .


Wow, this is great! Thanks for posting.
Is it okay to do this with old plants of say, 2 years age?

Yes Mr.Chandra …Layering / cloning done on 2 year old tree produce potential seedlings . But when you plant it in main field , you need to place the roots a foot down from soil surface in view of anchorage .

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