Laterite stones info for construction near Hyderabad

Dear Ramesh,

I am interested in getting laterite stones.  Could you pl send me details of your location, stone size, rate, availability and price ?  I am looking for good quality stones for construction purpose.  I presume you are making machine cut laterite stones.  Appreciate your early reply.


T Shanmughan

Hi Ramesh

I would be interested in procuring stones also. Could you let me know the pricing/sizes?


My farm is located inbetween zaheerabad and vikrabad, exactly 40 kms from both end, called Marpally village & mandal. We are doing cutting in and around farm. It is exactly 13 kms from Bambay national highway (NH-9) from Budhera junction and 26 km from sadsivapet.

The size of the stone is 14 inch x 7 inch x 7 inch. Any custom size can be done, if the order is bulk. Please contact My partner Mr.Mohammad yusaf, 9949740581 for business enquiry.

We like to make cost-effective ponds for the farm around us with cheap sealent (lining) without seepage. Bentonite is available 40 kms from our farm which will act as natural sealant. Cement lining is more costly and not viable for the farmer. Anybody has experience in using Bentonite or any other lining material. … onite.html