Langoor to keep away monkeys

Any idea or slightest hint where to buy langoor to keep away monkeys?

Langoor (animal) deter monkey…
Apparently very famously used in Delhi

Is available to buy in Hyderabad area


We can get from local farmers in Mylavaram krishna district.

Here are few things from our experience with Langoors, It definitely helped controlling monkeys but once Langoor comes to age of mating it is very difficult to control it. Ours broke the chain and left the farm.

Pretty sure that keeping langurs by private citizens would be illegal.

You cannot believe this still it is true. Delhi metropol officials have permitted this. Marriages or parties in open area are preferring langur protection now. There are few exceptions sometimes. It is better than killing them.

I have seen those videos of langurs used to protect national monuments in the national capital . They probably are given special permits.
The average citizen is not allowed to keep any native species of wild animal(mammal,reptile or avian) as a pet.