LANDSCAPING - Design & Ideas Required

I am planning to have a landscape designed outside my office in my farm. I am thinking of using around 50 x60 (3000Sqft) of space for landscaping.

Can anyone suggest on the types of plants i can have and their maintenance please?
Also what kind of lawn should i put and kinds of tree plants?

It would be nice if you share some pictures of your landscapes if done any :slight_smile:


Landscaping in garden is very easy.
You can have polluted air purifying plants along with flower plants.
Finally you choose which plant you love more and ensure to have the said plants are more in your garden.

ok but what kind of lawn is good ?

Also what king of plants go well? I like the Cycad plant alot, but i have heard they are expensive and what about some tree plants.?
How about Ficus plants and Bonsai which is pretty expensive.?


When farm itself is a beautiful green place, even then you need lawn?
If yes, Mexican (@ Rs.50 for sqft) & Burma (@ Rs.15 for sqft) or available against  beautiful Cynodn Dactylon etc. grasses which are available at free of cost.

Tree plants for beautification starts from Rs.100 to Rs.30000/- 
If the expectation itself is expensive, then cost may also expensive. Choice is one’s own decision.

Free advises will always be worth their value you spend to procure them.Better will be search on web site various landscape gardens and chose the most appropriate design suitable for you.Get the free advise from me never to  take free advise.

Thanks Dixit,

The topic started here is to have discussion and think which is good for us and everyone. Different people have different opinions, it is good if it is shared so that we all can make the most of it.

I dont think anybody will go ahead and start off according to what we all discuss. We all would get an idea about what needs to be done and how.

Thanks for understanding.