Lands in and around Kuppam-Chittor District

After speaking to some of residents of Chittor district residents and inquiring some advertisements, I found that the land there still available around 2 - 3 lakh per acre. I have some long term plan. Basically I am planning for my retirement time and want to hold atleast 8-10 acres of land.
Second thing, I would not like to buy land through some agent. They inflate the prices and makes every thing more than double. I know it is Herculean task, but not impossible.

Some questions

  1. Is the Kuppam area in Chittor is good place for investment in agricultural land? I know, that area get not very good rainfall and mostly those lands are termed as dry land. But I came to know that borewell water available at 400 - 500 feets.

  2. My plan is to build there farmhouse (Outhouse), where I can go and stay and look after farming. Even when I am in job, It could be our weekend home.

  3. I would like to take a step forward at a time. Not in hurry at all.

  4. There is no immediate need/plan to get return. Would like to build base over there slowly over time in next 5 - 8 years.

  5. If some like minded people join hands and go for land search. I could not ask more. This is best I can expect.

  6. Land or any details, I would not like to post in open forums as I see there are quite a few agents are also active in forum. However, can provide information through PM.

  7. Kuppam is around 1.5 hours away from Bangalore and would be ideal place for Bangalore residents to visit.

  8. If some group is already active and searching for land. I would like to join there.

  9. What and How I will do farming that is another question and should be addressed in future, not immediately.

Please suggest, is it wise decision or not? I am open to any area in AP,TN provided it is 2 - 3 hours away from Bangalore. Karnataka is ruled out due to various laws here.