Land wanted within 100km of Bangalore

Dear Members, Please get me 4-5 acres of land somewhere near your land. Upto 100Kms from Bangalore is fine.


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Hi sir, How much amount you are going to invest??

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Sorry sir our land is in near Gorakhpur and Lucknow only.

Hi All,

Im looking for an agriculture land within 100-200kms from Bangalore. Appreciate any leads. TIA


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yes sir we have farm lands near Hyderabad, Kurnool and also near Bangalore pls contact us at
ph no: 8712860086

Hi Anuj,

Any luck with the purchase?

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Contact Bobtino+ 9008883646

I am in talk with few individuals for the modalities.

yes sir. provide you.

Share details purpose of land usage, depending on this input we can guide you BOBTino, Bangalore Rural North

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