Land to Investment


My Name is kumar,I have 14 acres land,i want to invest some agriculture cultivation on this land,So please suggest which is the  best agriculture cultivation we can do on this land.I want do for long term i.e min 5 years and Max 10 years,Please guide me


Your question is too generic, lets narrow down and get the focal point.

Whare is your land?

Are you full time farmer? or Who takes care of your land?

How much water available or what is your water source?

Thanks Sri for your prompt response.My Land is in Andhra Pradesh,Vizanagram.

Am not a full time farmer,My Uncle and my dad will look after that.We are planning to dig a bore for that.

You can decide crops based on water availibility.

Meanwhile you can plant timber crops like Melia Dubia, Silver oak, Teakwood on the border/fencing. If you plant them just before monsoon you can avoid watering for 3-4 month. These trees need very little care in intial 8-10 month, later they will be on thier own for growth.

Which crops are the best for investment? Am planning to go for long term.

Please guide

Commercial point of view Pomogranite is good(as of now, I cannot predict future market).

You can go for Ultra high density Mango Plantation. Verieties like Kalapadi,Alphanso, Dasheri fetch a decent income.

I have suggested above keeping point that you have a hot and dry climate.

Yeah we have hot climate in my home town,What about Teak?

I already suggested Teak on the boundary.  if you want Teak on entire farm, I dont think it is not wise choice.  You can cut them only after 20years.

I forgot mention onemore option is Custerd apple(balnagar veriety)

If you get good water you can go for Papaya. We get most papaya, watermelon from AP.

Thank you very much Sri,But these all plants we need to take more care right.Teak mean for first 10 months you need to take care after that i dont think so we need to take care very close by.

What do you say?

Melia Dubia will be your best bet for that. Gestation period is 8-10 years.

First time am listening this sir.Could you give some picture on this?

see attached document. it is produced by a plywood company.
Melia_Dubia_ Kadbevu.pdf (1.66 MB)

Thank you very much.

Is it true that for Teak we need to wait for 20 years.years. Bcoz in some blogs i have gone through that and can see there in 14 years you can cut down the trees for good profit.

Please guide

It depends on the growth of the trees, growth changes from place to place. If you give good fertiliser and good irrigation, perhaps 14 years is not bad for teak.

In and around my place it is 20 years on an average.