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I want to undertake a survey of my land to determine the exact boundaries. the land is located near Lonavala, Maharashtra. Is there anyone who does this work or anyone whom you can recommend.


The govt survey office should help you. For each RTC they charge 600/- you have to provide 2-3 assitants to hold chains and dig pit for borderstone.

This is a legal procedure you can get it done any time. Other than this, if you go to taluk office you can find private surveyors outside the compound wall. This is usual system in my place. or you will get a clue where you can find private surveyors.

Remember private survey is only for your refrence. it cannot be legal.

Thanks Sri.
I do have a govt survey done…and that was ages ago(20 years). govt survey will take a couple of months to happen. instead i want to go for private survey on an asap basis. will take your advise and check out the ones hanging out the taluk office. but it would really be nice if someone can come thru reference…
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You have to get it Surveyed through Govt. Surveyor for getting Correctness of the Location and Correct Identification of the Location/Survey Number of the Land. You have to Pay prescribed fee for that to Govt. Govt. surveyor will provide you the Field Map and Panchanama with the neighbouring Farmers.

After that it is better, you have to get it Checked up with the  Private Surveyor, either manual or Digital Survey based on the Map Provided by Govt. Surveyor and based on the Bench Marks.

If you cannot get the Private surveyor we will depute the Trained Surveyor who can do digital Survey with reasonable Charges.

If required kindly provide full details.

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Are you having Land map at that time and are there Boundry Stones.If so you can have the Survey by a Private Surveyor. Here we can depute Private Surveyor who can conduct Digital survey .The will Charge Rs.500/Acre + To and  fto Charges. .If required pl. contact.

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What is the survey procedure in Karnataka State. I have 2A 20G land near Kolar town. Close to MVJ Medical College


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Land survey is one and the same anywhere. The Measurements are calculated as per the Terms of extent at your Place.Because it is about 2.50 Acres , it is better to get it surveyed at your Place, because it is very expensive to come from Hyderabad.There are two methods of surveying.1. Manual and digital. The Manual Procedure he surveyor need to go round the Land. In case of digital Survey one can done the survey of the Land by standing one side of the Land. We  are thinking that  the information provided by us is suffice.

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