Land selection for dairy farm

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can anyone through light on if their is any general rules while selecting (BUY) land for dairy farm?,i mean water is must , transport road also,but about quality of land eg red soil,etc,slope of the land,this also means to grow green fodder for the cattle’s too/.
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I can give few points which you can consider

  1. Market conditions
  2. Access to Transportation / roads
  3. Fodder availability
  4. Security Conditions
  5. Future Expansion
  6. Laws of Municipality
  7. Electricity and Water access
  8. Vet services


Everything can be arrange my friend, look at place where you milk is sold at the best rate, in which you think you dairy unit can be profitable.


check this link out, it has everything you need regarding dairy farming. most of your questions will be answered here

read the sections in their logical sequence and it will be more helpful i think


Naveen Shetty,
Have you selected the land? Started dairy?

Can you come back with present status?

Please read this, may interest you. … 8/#msg6618

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