Land pricing (2024)

Appreciating the collective knowledge on this forum, I wanted to ask existing farm owners a simple question. Can you tell an approximate price of land, in your area (taluk) ?

For example I have 0.2 acre (8712sqft) in Chikkaballapur, near to the highway and the going rate is 1200 per sqft.
This will help us all to understand what isthe current market rate for land in Karnataka.

Looking forward to many replies :grinning:

I will update new information on some areas with land prices:
NH access farm land (flat dry land) in Channapatna, karnataka is 18 lakhs to 20 lakhs per acre depending on road acess, water etc. These farms are depending mostly on borewell ground water.
Inside village areas like 15 km from channapatna city, farmland ih borewell will demand minimum 1 lakh per gunta. Each acre is made up of 40 guntas. Usually joint family properties are sold in small pieces like 7 guntas (inheritance by seller) thus we require family tree chart from seller to check for claimants.

Agricultural labour you cannot find in these villages as mostly people work in mysore, Bangalore and other places. Village people are mostly landowners as well so if you plan to cultivate then contract labour must be brought, provided food and accommodation is given.

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Hi all,

About Hassan district towards sakleshpura and Alur taluk
land with robusta coffee and arecanut inter cropping plus pepper estates usually demand 24 lakhs to 27 lakhs per acre. Water source is usually a thin stream flowing naturally during rain season. These areas get good rainfall and during summer, water is sourced from riverside or tankers. Sometimes a well is available but No borewell (underground).
Most of these properties will not have clear papers.
You get title deed for half the area they are selling for example if seller is having access to 5 acres, on paper he is rightful owner of only 2 acre. The remaining is usually river edge, private road, live boundary with forest touch or riverside.

River edge is called “karaab land” or waste land which is usually 6 to 8 guntas of land depends on width of river. This is free land for which there is no paperwork but owners will have free use of it.
When the river water swells up, these river edge land gets submerged and soil erosion takes place. So we cannot really plant anything in this area. It is possible to tie a hammock and read a book or make a bench and table setup for riverside lunch or candlelight dinner :blush:

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Nice research, very useful.

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Hi all,

Looking at areas around the river arkavati in the ramnagara taluk, Karnataka; we can really feel the oncoming drought.
The land is absolutely dry with a thin stream and this year has been declared a drought year, which will affect all farms including poultry farms too.

Due to proximity to Mysore and Bengaluru to some extend, the land prices have shot up, in recent years. 20 guntas or half acre is priced around 20 lakhs, it is very high when we compare to residential layouts approved by MUDA quoting less than that!

Water source is the biggest concern, river water primarily with almost all farms irrigating with pump set pumping river water into the storage tanks (built or natural) above and beyond allowed capacity and the trickle down effect is the bigger farms tend to show their might.

Poultry farms tend to be popular in this taluk because of Suguna company easy tie up and their influence ( hear say - Someone said). What got me interested in poultry is it isn’t strictly farming/agriculture so, one can begin, immediately after purchase of converted land. The “general property” allows for flexibility, for the farmers in selling the land to various entrepreneurs.
But for someone interested in farming, he or she has an uphill task of reconverting the land back to agriculture which can take upto 8 months ( because of the backlog in the departmentwhich carries out conversion of agriculture land into general property).
On this forum if you have recently purchased land in Karnataka, and would like to share you experience with agriculture land conversion or any details to share, kindly do. Thanks.

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Farm land near Mudigere (Banakal/Kottigehara) is around 8-10L per acre. Usually, most of the lands have their own source of water (Pond/Borewell/Stream). Size of the farms start from 5 acres and can go upto 25 acres. Larger farms are usually family owned and not easily available.

Labourers are easily available(for regular work) and consist of 80% localities and 20% migrant labourers from Nepal, Bihar, Bengal who work(construction or project basis). Migrants usually take up only contract jobs.

Paper work was reasonably easy for the land. For house, electricity, water and others I had to bribe around 3L in various denominations to everybody involved.