Land Preparation for Natural/ Organic Farming

Dear Members,

I am planning for natural/ organic farming for cauliflower in one acre.
Can someone please guide me about the quantity of Jeevamrita/ Panchagavya to be applied during this activity please.

Thanks in advance.

oh man!
now i’ll have to first find out whats jeevamitra / panchagavya. to think if i know what you are looking for.
have you prepared raised beds? or planning to grow them on flat land? any rough idea about how many meters the actual plantation will be done?

u should pester Mr.Sri (from farmnest team). hes good at what you are looking for.

It will be raised bed. Plantation will be done on one acre area.

Natural farming is very orthodox way, it takes time to give results when converted from chemical farming. Once it starts giving result doesnot fluctuate. If you are mentally prepared to compromise with yield for atleast 1.5 to 2 years, then go for it. If you want quick and temporary results continue with chemicals.
As I said natural farming is with full of rules like dont do this, dont use that so on…

By the way you cannot have mono crop in natural farming. You must have Mustard and horse gram as symbiotic crops.

This is first set of rules. let me know when you are mentally prepared with next set of rules.

even in an area of one acre, you can have 14000 plants or 12000 or any number, depending on the width of walkways and beds you have.
so was just wondering about the number of plants, as i calculate my dose depending on the total bed (length) and the plantation type (single row or zig zag etc) so once i know my total number of plants, its a bit easy to calculate and do the maths.

Thank you.
We will have around 16000 cauliflower plants by setting them raw by raw at 60X40 cm.
Please advice.

Thanks Mr. Sri.
Now we have paddy at our land. We are now cutting and thrashing process. It will take another 10 days to plantation.
As per your advice I will go for natural farming for cauliflower in one acre.
Please advice me about the land preparation. How much vermicompost/FYM or any other additive required to be applied.
As per your advice earlier I will do mulching and apply Jeevamrita/ Panchagavya in 21 days.
Please mention if you have any other suggestions.