Land levelling

Hi all i am not sure if it is rght to post my query related to land lavelling or it may come in tools and farming …guys please help me understand how to do levelling of my farm land it isa major problem n water does nt stand well pls help hw shld i level my farm we dont have latest technology or rather cannot afford it…pls help

Dear Sri Junaids,

For farming, using latest contour maping technology of levelling is expensive and I opine, not required for farming activities. Eye levelling by using mannual labour or Jcb/dozers, is sufficient initially, and in a year or two, it will be levelled with little efforts, from after each rain.

If your plantations are only timber plants, fruit plants etc, now control system of water discharge drippers ( both inline drippers and external drippers ) are available in the market, and you need not level your land.

The levelling area/bit can be from half acre to 2 and half acres. Initially go around your land and select places, which can be levelled at low expenditure. Either use JCB or manually , which ever suits you, and prepare the land as a level. Like wise select another piece of land, another piece of land and do it .

You level your land at the lowest expenditure , to as many lowest possible pieces of levelled pieces as possible. You can use the unlevelled portions of land also for planting timber plants and/or fruit plants.

Any how please do it as early as possible, as coming June July months are good to start farming activities.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Hello GP Rao Sir,

I was just wondering around market for good equipment for levelling my farm land of 3 acres . I spent two days using jcb but still could not finish the job as it is taking too much time . I was searching for laser levelled or dozer . I want to have it levelled this month as next month is planting season .  They are charging Rs.1350  per hour for dozer . I could not find laser levelled anywhere in the market .


Dear Sri Narendra,

Laser land equipments/units will be mostly with senior Architects, who plans big size malls, colleges, Layouts etc. It is a costly affair.

I feel that , they are not suitable for farmer purpose, as they charge much more, and we farmers can not pay/not economical.

Firstly, by eye sight, we have to come to a conclusion that , say half acre can be levelled in some hours , either with JCB or dozer. Then only we can get the things done at reasonable cost.

If you want to do/rectify a big odd area, naturally it costs you more. Near by slopes only to be altered with jcbs.

Generally the Jcb charge will be between rs 600/_ to 700/_ per hour. Dozers are very less available in the market and hence may be charging you more.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Thank all who replied  from the discussion above i can knw that laser levelling is costly n nt accessable in my area …
The jcb and tractors are  economical wch we did last year but was nt satisfying the man said he knws but did nt do it well still water does nt move to other end …nw i m fed up n want to do it gud this …i saw a vedio in haryana where they do it in circular motiion …
As said by mr rao n narendra i shld do an eye detction of spot …i wanna do papaya wch does nt need water logging so think to keep slopy …
Please share more abt. …control system of water discharge drippers ( both inline drippers and external drippers ). Please tell me more abt is it affordable