अतिरिक्त land in Maharashtra

Dear all

Would somebody know what’s अतिरिक्त land in Maharashtra? Can it be bough freely? Am getting quite a good proposal to buy land…

Would appreciate any help here


To the extent that I am aware, there are not many types of lands in MH.

  • Vatan/Inami land cannot be transferred
  • Khalsa land is free hold - can be transferred - will be mentioned in the 7/12
  • 32G land cannot be transferred - its something similar to the pagdi system in Mumbai and has to undergo court order to be freely transfeable.

Always try to buy free hold land irrespective of the cost - infact I am selling my land in Tala taluka

Hi Aditya,
please find below various types of land that may help you, but I do not see Atirikta land anywhere .
I have heard many types of of lands in maharashtra but never heard of Atirikta land .

landsofmaharashtra.com/defin … nings.html

If you are not able to find out in a week or so do let me know, I will try to find out from some sources .


Thanks for the quick replies. Looks like it is Khalsa kind of land. Let me get 7/12 will upload for more clarifications.