Land for Sale in Costa Rica under 50k

Buy My Farm is offering land for sale in Costa Rica under 50K. Don’t miss the chance.


  1. Size: 67 ha farm for sale in Costa Rica. 40 ha is suitable for mechanized crops.
  2. Location: QC2C+V9, Provincia de Alajuela, Los Chiles, Costa Rica. Superb location right on the main road.
  3. Type: Organic farm with fertile soil and abundant water sources
  4. Infrastructure: Well-maintained facilities including housing, storage, and utilities
  5. Cultivation: Currently cultivating Pineapple
  6. Sustainability: Eco-friendly practices and organic certification
  7. Amenities: Close proximity to amenities such as markets, schools, and recreational activities
  8. Current ROI 15%-17%. ROI can be increased about 26%,
    If further landscaping is done. Zero risk after only 12 months of operation !!

Hai ,

Please.mail me further details like location exactly how long and directions from capital San Jose, Photos of the land, Soil Structure, Crops suited for cultivation,Procedures for foreigners buying land ( 100% ownership or Lease), Payment Currency, Nearest Airport and Seaport etc

Phone: 00919072619279