Krishi Mela 2014@ GKVK Bengaluru - 19-21 NOV

Hello All,

Krishi Mela 2014 @ GKVK, Hebbal, Bengaluru will commence from Tomorrow. i.e. 19NOV14. Looks like they have restricted the days only for 3.

Post your experience after visit.

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It is better to inform such Programmes well in advance to enable our members to attend such Programmes.

Hello All

Visited Krishi Mela on 20th November. Very crowded and a traffic snarl inside GKVK I have never seen before.

Only one new stall that caught my eye that I wanted to share here.

Stall by a company called NiceChemicals, they also have a not so functional web presence at They were offering testing kits at a discount. Not sure about the quality of the products, but looks affordable and practical to administer, so decided to pick one up. I picked up a soil testing kit. Also wanted to pick up a water testing kit, but there were many of them Flouride, Nitrate , Total hardness,  EColi etc… Was not sure what all I should have taken and so left it. If some one could advise me on what kind of tests should be done on water from farm ponds and borewell in order to use them as a source of water for irrigation, that would be very nice.

Product catalog available on site, but I am not sure about the accuracy of it.


I also visited Krishi Mela 2014 on 21st of November, 2014. It was a nice experience and i was literally amazed to see the crowd. Some time back i read in UAS, Bangalore website that to make this mela more accessible to farmers , they had organized this is weekdays, but i think that if this is the crowd in weekdays, what would have happened on weekends. I had also posted pics on my Facebook and twitter page. Being a techie, i was rather more interested in technical things for agriculture. I came across certain, but not much. What i am thinking is that Indian farmers are still very much away from technology and there are many more possibilities for them to learn about precision farming.

Overall, it was a good experience.