Kinnow plants - where to get?

I am planning for planting Kinnow’s in my farm. Please let me know, where I can get the plants, thanks, Satyanarayana

Council for Citrus & Agro-Juicing in Punjab (CC&AJP) … on-/14532/

Kindly contact hitech nursery in Sriganganagar (Rajasthan)They keep sending trucks and trucks of kinnu all over India especially Banglore.The quality of plants is excellent there.By the way I have no interest in the sale etc nor i have any share in the nursery.Wrote just for your knowledge to get  authentic plants.

Thanks for the replies. got info from others that they will be available with govt horticulture nursery Sriganganagar Or with krishi Vigyan Kendra, Sriganganagar.
but advised that kinnow are not suitable for south. now in dilemma to go for it or not.

I am not very sure about  temperature part in southern states.However the temperature in sriganganagar Rajasthan ranges from 0 degree  to  48 degree.South has more moderate climate year around as there is no ‘0’ degree temperature.Rest you may ask the kvk etc

I am successfully growing a 3 year old Kinnow plant at lowland tropics in Kerala.
Here, the temperature ranges between 26[sup]o[/sup]C and 37[sup]o[/sup]C.
The seedling was brought from Punjab.