foundar's take at Make in India

Folks found a insightful speech. Can we discuss on his points?

  • There is  resistance to adapt to organic, zbnf or no till farming methods by many of the farmers.  Or is it there are very few low cost successful farmers?
  • The agricultural officers/Govt. is not proactive in villages. All govt. policies are tuned for votes?

Dear Sri Sir,

Thank you for bringing Kheyti in to our forum.

A good organisation with good views, of sri Satya and his team. The nature of helping small farmers with Green house technology,of low cost, is to be appreciated. All the best to their efforts and good mind.

It is an open fact that a farmer can get 6 to 10 times more yield in greeen house than open farming…It is proven in several crops including Tomato, European Cucumber, Chrysanthemum etc.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Looks interesting.
I know this is an initiative of cosmosgreen but there are no details in the video or website on what exactly are the low cost technologies.