Kharif vegetable plantation

Out of 5.0 acres of total cultivation area , we commence planting hybrid vegetables like brinjal and tomato each in over 0.30 Acre
Two Vegetable season here are - Kharif and winter …winter plantation goes through hot summer in about 3 months after planting . so yielding period is shortened due to water shortage and heat waves .
Where as krarif plantation goes through long growth and yielding period like 9-10 months due to mild climate - June to March with reduced flowering during heavy rain in north east monsoon .
To prevent weeds growth and dependence on manual labour for weeding , we laid mulching sheet with double lateral drip lines on each bed . Drip line dispense fertigation .
Rest of the areas are scheduled to be planted with PKM 1 moringa , gourds, greens, beans and Capsicum and cucumber …

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i think you use Rest of the areas are scheduled to be plant for Capsicum. Its very easy than others.

yes friend …this location is just 10 kms away from seashore , Bay of bengal …So we start hybrid capsicum in just over 30 cents only …So far capsicum is being brought to chennai market from far off place …

The cucumber is doing great in this filed location . Once we come up successful in capsicum cultivation then we will schedule to grow capsicum in winter and cucumber in summer in the same piece of land