Kenaf-gongura-deccan hemp-java jute benefits

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Kenaf can absorb 3-8 times more CO2 than a tree. One acre of Kenaf can pull about 10 tons of CO2 out of the air per growing season, and in some parts of the world it can be cut back and regrown for a second season. With proper management, a single acre planted in Kenaf could absorb 20 tons of CO2.
Its uses as follows,
Food For People,
Livestock Feed,
Biochar Organic Fertilizer & Carbon Sequestration

Please come up with all kind of value added products from this miracle plant your expertized knowledge with this crop which is widely used in AP,W B & other parts of India or world. Also please let me know who can supply seeds to me to cultivate them.

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Dear sir, we did not see this ,that day by mistake. It is a very valueable information. Pl provide regularly for your farm members. with thanks, farmer

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Hi Swamy

These seeds are available in hyderabad and if you want, I can send you some in 6 months time from my farm. Kindly send me address.

This plant is even grown in USA and is known as Roselle


There are two colors of seeds in this, which colored seeds/crop you grows ?

There is the white gongura and the red gongura. We grow both


Well nice to know benefits of kemp