Karnataka Govt is mulling to increase 2lakh limit for buying agri land

Karnataka Govt is mulling to increase the income limit to buy agri land. At the moment it is 2 lacs. As the land rates are increased it is difficult to have such a low income limit. It is still in discussion stage in Assembly.

If it is done one state rest of the states follow or lets hope for this.

There is no such limit in AP/Telangana, but I do not understand why the very poor only need to farm.

So the moment you sustain in farming, you can’t buy anymore land?

In Karnataka many farm related schemes are like that only.  You should be poor and if belong to only few cast you will get all benefits 

One such scheme is GANGA KALYANA where you get borewel drilling+ pump +electricity connection charges are free to farmers upto Rs. 1.5lakhs if you belong to SC/ST/backward/minority only.  If you are poor and belong to other casts you are not eligible for this.

Now even they are planning to pay Rs. 2/ltr extra to milk producers of SC/ST

Karnatak govt should hang its head in shame that they are discriminating amongst farmers based on caste creed etc.It is bad for Nation’s health.

does anyone have latest update on this?

The Earning limit has now been increased up to 25 L  is my understanding. IT is still very cumbersome to own agri land in Karnataka is the feedback that i get.

You need to be farmer or have to belong to farmer family since 1971 or you have to be a farm labour. or you have to approach AC/DC and get approval letter to own agri land.
If you dont have any of the above , yes it is hard to buy agri land.