Karnataka farmers can generate RTC online now

Karnataka Farmers can generate RTC, mutation, Index of rights (RR5&6) online now.
see below link
bhoomi.karnataka.gov.in/land … trict.aspx

During cultivation season started there used be a big que. it used to take 2-3 days to generate latest RTC which was needed for any subsidy. Now farmer can generate RTC from anywhere.

Land buyers can check if the land is under litigation.

I am sorry If any other states have this system, I am unaware. I heard TN has this facility unroftunately I dont know the URL.

This is great information Sri - thanks. It will really help the farmers. They dont have to stand in the long queue near the revenue dept.

Sorry. RTC generated like this cannot be authentic. It cannot be used for subsidy. Above link is only to check if the land has legal issues.

In Karnataka this facility was there from last 4 - 5 years i think.

I have used it 3 years back to check my khata transfer verification.

In Andhra , they used to have the website, unfortunately the cash struck corrupt government has blocked that website and is directing every one to mee seva to make money.So unfortunate.