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Hi Farmnest Folks,
On the one side, the demand for herbal medicinal and aromatic products is growing rapidly, while on the other, much of the country’s natural herbal wealth found traditionally in the wild has been lost for good. Most of these herbs are harvested in a destructive manner, largely by uprooting the plants, to access their roots, barks and other parts that possess therapeutic properties. it is shocking that despite the presence of so many large herbal drug companies, none of them have taken any initiative to preserve the rare species!

Thankfully, a few educational and agricultural institutions have taken the initiative to create a national web-based data bank on herbal gardens of India. launched by Gujarat-based Directorate of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (DMAPR) the site carries details of the plants available for supply in different herbal parks.

This info was highlighted by a recent article on business standard. I hope many of you may know of any herbal gardens in your town or village. If you know any herbal gardens that maintain useful medicinal and aromatic plant species, please inform the herbal network at
Levine L

Medicinal plants research & propagation society,Lucknow is also in the services of humanity.We have approximately 100 species of herbs.Some of them are just for research purposes but others are for commercial cultivation.I welcome all the esteemed readers of FARMNEST to contact us in case they want to cultivate herbs in their areas.We also provide consultancy and training in herbal plants cultivation.

Dear Shri Ramesh Dixit, or any member

I have been planning to start a Herbal farming in Kerala in a very small scale of about 1 acre, As i do not have any past history related to agriculture. i request you to advise me the following:

  1. What variety of Herbs i have to start with, and which one suitable for farming in kerala and which is the period of farming
  2. How to prepare the land to start farming. What is intial set up to be prepared.
  3. What is time period of cultivation.
  4. where to get the plants. Where to sell the final product.
    5.what will be intial investment cost.
  5. Is there any simple write up or procedure for beginers.
  6. Will u be available to visit us in case required.

Hope to see ur positive reply.
Thanks in advance
Binil Balan

Dear Balan
Looking at your interest in herbs,I wish to ask you regarding pH factor of soil,type of soil(most probably it may be red soil).Land should be free from water logging(water should percolate down) so that roots do not get rotten in case water remains standing for longer periods.
Now the monsoon may be approaching the kerala side soon so please cultivate the crops which are locally grown over there.Regarding the herbal crops I shall tell you once I get reply from you regarding soil type and pH factor.
You need not worry for seeds or plants,every thing shall be provided to you at very marginal cost from our society,along with constant guidance,by holding your hands at every stage.If need be I shall visit you and advise you regarding the dealers who shall purchase the herbal products produced by you.
Investment cost shall depend on the type of herb which shall be grown in your farm land.Cost of seeds or plants varies e.g sandal sapling is comparatively costly than a mango sapling.
You shall be constantly guided and advised to ward off any problem.
rc dixit

Dear all
I find very few people interested most lucrative and enriching medicinal plants business.Herbs are in great demand but people are not moving as collective group to do the cultivation.If few pioneers take the lead entire geography of that region may change due to herbal crops.