John Deere Waters - Drip irrigation Review

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Can anybody please give a review about John deere waters - Drip irrigation systems.

The company is now known as FIMI in India.

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Ok I will give some more information.

The company is called Rivulis irrigation… any one heard about it ?



I have used John Deere drip system at my farm. It has been 2 years and I have no complaints.
The names you are referring to may be dealers. In Tamilnadu they go by the name of John Deere itself. I remember reading they bought over an Israeli drip irrigation company , I can’t recollect the name now.

Cost wise they are comparable to Netafim. So far did not have any need to call on their services so can’t give you feedback on their response time and solutions

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Recently John Deere waters has sold its micro irrigation business to Rivilus irrigation, which I think is funded by FIMI investments.

any way its one and the same. Can you please tell me how much did it cost per acer, which crop, distance between the laterals etc. if possible so that I can compare.


Oh thats news, thanks i wasn’t aware of that

We have approx 16 acres under drip. 2 head units connected to two different bore wells with submersibles.
The crops covered are of different spacing to determine exactly how much it costs. It works to approx 32,000 rs/Acre
Drumstick - 20x20’
Mango - 6x12’
Coconut - 27x27’
Guava - 8x15’

If you need any more inputs let me know

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The cost is before subsidy I believe, right…


hi vk

yes the cost  is before subsidy and also cost of digging trenches to bury the mains/sub mains and cost of labor to help lay out the laterals not included


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Thanks for the information.
Can you please tell how much it is costing for a polyhouse drip system?
At present we are erecting 2 units of 1008 sqmt each.

Anyone having info on the above message.

Hi Pavan,

Sorry, But I am not an expert in this subject… I am a newbie to farming…

the cost directly depends of the spacing of the laterals. the majority of the cost in drip irrigation is the cost of laterals. which is around Rs.10 per meter.