Jivamritam ZBNF

Dear ZBNF practitioners,

As per mr palekars book the formulae for jivamritam is for 1 acre area - is this irrespective of plant density and plant type?


Jivamritam is a culture and not fertilizer so irrespective of what you are sowing, the quantity per acre remains the same.

thank you krishnaprasad.
wiznik - correct me if im wrong but the cow dung in jivamritam is the culture. by adding cow dung to the water, uring, jaggery etc microbes are added which then multiply.

Yes. the same culture will multiply in your soil also after you apply and the same microbes break down the required minerals to be consumed by the plants.( they break the required NPK and other micro nutrients to the stage which is easy for plants to absorb).

This happens only when you have the environment for the microbes to live happily.  This environment you can create by mulching the area where you are applying jivamritam, which makes moisture to stay and the temperature will be normal for microbe activity.

This mulching cannot be, by means of polymer mulching sheets.  This sheets will make water to stay but the temperature of the mulched area will to too high for the microbes to live.

I added neem cake+ jivamritam and used in my paddy field and showed good results  + increased the Earthworm population

Dear ZBNF Practisioners,

I have a pomegranate farm in hyderabad.This year i want to start the ZBNF .I came across Jeevamrutham filter called PRUTHVI RAJ FILTER for the drip Quality.
Can anybody give a feedback about this filter.