Jeevamrutham through drip



we always put jeevamrutham via drip. Basically the installation should be in such a way that the filter should be installed before the venturi, so this wont clog the filter! Also in-line-drip-solution wont work period. It has to be micro-tube. I use this solution to deliver it every week for about 5 acres since few months now. Make sure the water content is little on the higher side so that delivery is easy


Thanks Vijayan,

Thanks for your reply. It would be great if you can share couple of pictures.

Hari Devarapalli


Borewell->filter->venturi->pipe->drip. Why would the jeevamrutham need to go via a filter? Filter is used for gravel if any is coming out of the borewell. If anybody wanting to use jeevamrutham routed via a venturi to drip and has filter placed after venturi system, please remove the filter and get it fixed before water reaches the venturi. will post pics when i go next…


See this link:

Hope this helps .


Dear all,

After watching  above video. I came up with a system(Attached pic) to send Jeevamrutham through our existing inline drip system. Can you please review below setup and let me now your comments to improve it.

Main Points:
[li]let the Jeevamarutham Solution to settle for a day in 200 ptrs Drum.[/li]
[li]Send top 100 ltrs of 200 ltrs Jeevamrutham clear solution to earthen drum covered by cloth. From where it is injected in to Water lines using Venturi system
[li] Used Screen filter for 1st level filtration( Organic debris of mesh size filtered) and next level Disc Filter to filter out any Organic silt.
[li] May be we have to back flush filter very often and also we may have to remove each lateral drip line ends to clear any left out sediments after fertigation.
[li] Remaining 100 ltrs of Jeevamrutham in 200 ptrs is collected from bottom valve and will be used for foliar spray and making of semiliquid Jeevamrutham or Ghanjeevamrutham.

Thanks in Advance.


It looks pretty good and similar to what I have seen by others. You may also want to check out following and attached picture(s) - I got those pictures from ZBNF User Groups.



Thanks for sharing above information, Pushparaj. I have not planned above to use gravels & sand to filter out Jivamruth, i will give a some thought to it.



Finally was able to inject Jeevarutham through drip. … -drip.html


Dear All,
I’ve read through the discussion here and understand that there are lot of farmer friends here who are struggling to give Jeevamrut/Dashparni/Panchagavya through Drip Irrigation. I’ve also seen the video; while it might seem like a good idea to use a small tank it’s not a long lasting solution.

We have invested great amount of time on this topic and have come up with a solution. Our innovator friend Mr. Subhashchandra Tanpure has also been awarded by Govt. of India for this innovation.

Our Product Pruthviraj Filter gives a perfect tool for filtering Jeevamrut to Crystal Clear liquid which will not leave a single suspended particle in the liquid. This enables the liquid to be injected through Drip. Farmers who want to consistently be able to give Jeevamrut must try this out. 

Please visit our website for further details:

+91 9405019020


I started this question almost in April 2013 and was able to do it properly March 2016.

For more details … -drip.html


Dear Hari,

Many thanks. I went thru the detailed write up in your blog as well.

One question : How are you cleaning (or planning to clean) the filter tank (the one with gravels) ?

-Ganapathi Bhat



There is very little information about your product in your message, as well as in your website. Even the video in your website does not show how the filter works.

The questions unanswered : What is the design of the system ? How does it work ? How is it cleaned ?

Please share more details…

-Ganapathi Bhat


Hi Ganapathi Bhat,

Sorry about that, I will add information about cleaning in the blog.

Once in 2 months we will have to replace the sand in the top with fresh sand and planning to remove the complete 2 layers of pebbles wash them and put them back once a year or when ever required.

So far we filtered almost 9000 liters of jeevarutham and sand is good and filtering going on smoothly.

Please let me know if need any other details.



Hi Ganapathi Bhat,

Updated the blog abt cleaning.

Hari Devarapalli


Thank you Hari…

One more Question : Have you placed anything (as separator) in between different layers in your filter tank ? Reason for asking this is - since the filter has larger pebbles at the bottom, smaller pebbles and sand at the top, Wont the sand that you put at the top go thru the pebbles and settle all through the tank ? Will / Does this cause any trouble in cleaning the filter tank ?


Hi Ganapathi Bhat,

I kept a mesh below the sand layer.

Hari Devarapalli


Thank you Hari.

We are in the process of finalizing the location/design for Jeevamritha station…so, getting enough details from you. Thanks for your patience…

Question : You are pumping the final filtered Jeevamritham. Please share details on how the pumped Jeevamritham is sprayed across your farm ? Are you using Ventury system ? How the pump is connected to Ventury or Water pipeline ?

-Ganapathi Bhat


No Problem Ganapathi Ji,

Anytime I will be glad to help you in this regard. It took lot of effort and time to design this and if it is going to help you I am very happy.

With the 0.5 HP Mono block pump shown in video we are directly injecting filtered into main line (water pipeline) of the drip. Also try to keep this system close to your cattle shed so that it will easy to prepare and monitor daily.

Please give me a call@9885858616 if you need any more details.

Hari Devarapalli


Good day Sir! May I know all the ingredients and processes used in making jeevamrutha? Thanks and hoping for your kind and response.


Refer the link for process to make Jeevamrutha: