JCB to remove stones


In my farm in around 2-3 acreas of area stones are spread out.

People are advicing them to get rid off so that some planting can be done.
Due to stones tough weed is groving and hard to get rid off.

JCB costing me Rs1000 Per hour???

Please advice to go ahead.

Sound to costly to me.

Is jcb is so expensive

Please advice if any alternate cheaper option


In and around Bangaluru and Tumkur it is Rs. 700-00 per hour for minimum of 3 hours and driver bata Rs. 200-00.  If JCB works more than 8 hours Bata is Rs. 25/ hour.

IS jcb will pluck out the stones from deep depth?

To clean  and make it even to paddy fields i need to pluck these stones the field ?

please advice

Some of them deep down

some of them spread out

some of them small and attracting weeds at the bottom.

what shall be practical feasible option

Thank you

Even jcb would not be able to dig larger stones. In such cases you need to use breaker and then jcb.

And yes!! Jcb’s are very costly to hire on rent!

Please note that you can only move the stones with the hydraulic machines like JCB etc… but you cannot break them. You need some place where you can move these stones. Please arrange for all that.

The machines that you use depend of the size of stones present in the farm. A JCB will be able to move .5 to 1 tonne at a time. If your stones are larger than that, you need to engage a TATA Hitachi to move them. These machines are capable of moving higher loads. Please check with the JCB guys first if they are able to do it and then proceed.


Assuming the stones are granite:

I’d suggest using a JCB to remove and move the stones to a single location, then hire the services of a stonecutter and get the stones cut into bricks. You could then either sell these bricks or use them for construction in your land.


I was also having same issue.

There are 3 type of stones in my land

  1. Single Medium size stones ( Just like the size of an Auto rickshaw)
  2. Single Big stone (just like a size of 10X10 room or more)
  3. Small stones spread allover the land.

Some how i managed to remove these first 2 types of stone using the below steps

1) Single Medium size stones

  1. Dig the soil around the stone aprox 5 ft using JCB. This will help the person to get into the side of the stone and perform the cutting.
  2. Hire a people to cut into small stones that we can used for basement of the house.
    actually I hired a people to make basement stones and i used it for my new house. Charges would be like 1 tractor full of basement stone they will break for 700 Rs.
  3. Break the stone for 5ft depth and again covered it back with the soil.

2) Single Big stone

  1. Dig the soil around the big stone aprox 5 ft.
  2. Detonate the stone and break into medium size pieces. It was cost around 10 to 15K(It depends upon the size of the stone and no of holes they r going to make it for detonate)
  3. follow step 2 & 3 above

3) Small stones spread allover the land.

  1. This is very difficult to take it out. During rainy season try to pull these stones using TATA Hitachi.
  2. Cover the whole land with good soil aprox 5ft height. I know this will be bit costly.


is it worth removing this stones? what is your personal feeling

(personally i think yes, keep the farm in level)

please advice

Dear Bundy farmer,
        the removal of stones, or to keep them depends on what you want to do with the farm. if you detonate or remove the stones and still there is some stone lying underneath the soil, please note that you cannot grow big plants.

If you feel that you can cultivate the whole land after the removal of all the stones and its worth the effort in terms of money, please go ahead.

If you are planning to remove the stones to make access ways etc, please get those removed. If the stony part is at an end of the farm and you need not visit it often, you can make a small hide out kind of a thing with some simple construction, and if you think its worthy, you can keep the stones.

If you need the stones for any kind of construction activity, then you can break them and use it for some constructions.

these change from case to case. Please introspect yourself what you want to do and go ahead.


If the Land is with Boulders can be removed with the JCB. But it is  Flat Rock beneath the earth, it is not advisable to to do it with removal and cannot be grown Plantation of  Big Trees with Garden. It is better to go for small vegetable, creepers  to Grow. If the Land is with Boulders you can en-cash the Same if the Land is near City by breaking the Boulders as Granite Cubes for construction Purpose. If the Land is near a city you can sell those Boulders on an agreement that they remove and take away basis.

I am trying to find out from the people who put explosive material to crack the stones.

Do you have any idea about pricing

for cracking - how much?

How much for JCB (good powered) per hour?

And for Tata Hitachi - Per hour?

Thank you very much

Pricing will be depend up on the Size of the Stone and the no of holes they made it to fill the explosive materials. To break a big stone it would be cost around 20 to 25K.

JCB would cost around 650 to 700 per hour and Tata hitachi would cost around 900 to 1000 per hour in Erode District, Tamil Nadu.


Bhayya Bundyfarmer what Mr. Dhanasekar posted is Correct.

But what I am suggesting is that don’t take the Risk of cracking  the stones with explosive material on your Own . In our Karimnagar area  Stone Breaking Lab-our are avilable who will take up all the Operation of Breaking the Stones Manually or with Explosives on Contract Basis. They are describing as “Vadderalu”. If you offer the stones to them they will take away the braked stones as Granite for Construction activity. Either you offer them by taking them on their Own or get them braked as Granites and you can sell them away to Builders. You calculate on both the ways and take a decision on your Own based on the Economics.

Vasudha Green Farms,,