Japanese Quail Farming


Anyone here having Japanese Quail(Kaadai in Tamil) farming in Tamilnadu(In Madurai or Trichy surrounding would be better to gather Informations)

** Where can we buy chicks?
** Where can we sell?
** How is the marcketing stage now Trichy and Madurai surroundings

I have seen many Quail farms in and aroud Viluppuram and Kanchipuram districts and they are running successfully with the good earnings. I planning to open a Quail farm in Karaikudi(In Tamilnadu, 80 KM from Madurai, 100 KM from Trichy) and I want know the details in the Marcketing prospective.

If anyone have the Information, Could you please share.


Hi prem_jana,

** Where can we buy chicks?
Since you are in Chennai, you should visit Madhavaram Paal Pannai which is a government organization.  Here Japanese Quail chicks are sold(Note that previously it was in Nandanam).

For that matter, you should be able to get this information in your respective KVKs.  Also, I know that some private members are also selling chicks but in a higher rate compared to the KVKs.

** Where can we sell?
Option 1. Any shop which sells Chicken and Muttton
Option 2. Any Non-Veg Hotels

** How is the marcketing stage now Trichy and Madurai surroundings
No Idea

Padmanabhan Ganesan

I hope the marketing is a problem. I heared a person grows 5oo country chicken and he get a lot of profit. When increased to 1000/month, the shops ask him very low bid well below his expense.
It is advisable to understand the marketing availability before go to big jump. Trying with less than 500 also not economical.
So I am thinking to start a quail farm with 500 chicks/month

  Dear members, upto my knowledge there is a ban on quail farming in india and i saw that order copy also.please clarify whether that ban is closed, if so pl inform me the letter no and date of govt of india.This can be a good help for many farmers.                                                                              I have practical old knowledge on quail farming and it is profitable and there is no difficulty in marketing but it is not like a poultry which became organised sector after facing great troubles. gprao,farmer

There is ban to kill contry quails.
Since it is exotic domestic species you can grow.
Only thing you have to contact the animal husbandary, and get the no objection certificate to grow them.
If you have experience and marketing potentials pls contact rvthe2012@hotmail.com

dear sirs, ministry of enviroment,vide order dtd 22.9.2010 stated that no objection certificates should not be issued to any one further by govt authorities, no bank including nabard should encourage quail farming, no govt bodies should encourage quail farming, further quail sales is prohibited as these are under protection. pl verify that letter and we met the veternary authorities and they said the quails culture is banned.they says that no quails/no japan quails. is it good to start a japanesequail farming without noc. gprao,farmer

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