Jamun, Amla & Jackfruit varieties for semi arid climates (Anantapur)

Dear experts - Our farm is near Anantapur (Red soil, Drip irrigation-can water twice a week, fully fenced). Appreciate if you could answer the specific questions below:

  1. Jamun - I know there are few farmers who had success with Jamun in our area (youtube.com/watch?v=QRKCuEZ4Ru8). The video link is in telugu.

a. Which variety should I choose and why (obviously like any commercial farmer my interests would be high yield in shortest duration, low maintenance etc.,)?
b. Internet literature talks about dwarf varieties but when spoken to individuals they simply train the tree to 15-16feet instead of leaving it to its original height. I would be interested in the true dwarf varieties (below 15ft).
c. I understand harvesting Jamun is a pain from the aspects of labor required, delicateness of the fruit. Has anyone used motorised tree shakers for harvesting? can’t imagine the number of labor required to harvest say 300 trees over 2 month yielding period. Though the economic prospects are good just the thought of timely harvesting and labor puts me down on the Jamun. I am keen to explore machinery if possible.
d. Has anyone eaten the seedless varieties? are they worth planting?

  1. AMLA - may I know a good variety for our area. The purpose of this tree in our farm is more of a long term host plant for Sandalwood.

  2. Jackfruit - I haven’t seen any Jackfruit trees in our area. Was told there are good dwarf varieties available which can thrive our hot and dry summers. I get attracted to its economic prospects and passive maintenance and long term nature. Any recommendations on the variety to choose from?

thanks much - VritiFarms