Jackfruit farming

Dear All,
Few only known that Jack fruit has got feature for farmer to generate income for centuries and generations.
It requires less care and give huge returns in terms of fruits, timber, dried leafs for manure, circulating water to atmosphere etc. Do you know old buildings wooden materials were constructed by using jack fruit tree timber? Jack fruit roots are using for making wooden vigrahas?

Exclusive jackfruit farming is happening only place in India is Panruti where the nature destroyed the big jackfruit orchurds around Panruti of Tamil Nadu in the recent past. Now we need to popularize the jack fruit crop not only for us, but for our next generations too.

Farmers from Panruti, Coastal & sourthern Karnataka, Kerala are known value of jack fruit from its early stage to ripned fruit. About 30 variety value added products can be prepared from jack fruit.Rs.25,000/- earning from one jack fruit tree in a year. I jack fruit can weigh up to 80kgs.Jack fruits can bear fruits twice in a year. Combination of jack fruit orchard can give fruits iin all months of a year.

Now I request all who know more on jack fruit be pleased to update their jack fruit veriety specilisation/charecters to know all the people and to adopt new technologies to grow and get benefit more from jack fruits.

Just we record information of present jack fruit tree/trees which are existing now with their special characters like fruit bearing time, fruit clour, fruit
size, shape, fruit is gum less are what, age of tree, grown farmers feedback about his jack fruit tree and his efforts to grow it and returns from jack fruits.

I have already growing jack fruit plants in my nursery as I have got order for 1000+ plants for software turned Farmer who is the member in this forum is launching 12 acre jack fruit farm near Hindupur of Anantpur district in AP. Both we are planning to set up jack fruit as primary crop along with other rare kind of crops with fully felicitated irrigation facility.

The Idea is to generate income from 6th month onwards in the jack fruit orchard from other inter crops and get return all investment well withing jack fruit plant start yielding in about 4th year. So Primary crop of Jack Fruit will be bonus for farmer for 400+ years.

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Hi Swamy,

Thanks a lot. Can you highlight for the benefit of others. something strange and good about Devanahalli, Jack fruits which is being propagated in its owner name (Forgot his name) and how this is grafted. Read that till some time back Jackfruit grafting was not successful.

Also on Devanahalli “Chakota Fruit” Dont know the english name for this. Can citrus plants be grafted. Recently saw a lemon plant at Lalbagh costing 500 Rs.


Murali KG

Soft wood/Stone grafting is best method during soft stem
For older stock plants (with brownish skin) other methods such as veneer grafting, Patch Bud grafting, Approach- grafting are suitable.
Huge Farmers are having very good veriety jack fruit trees.

Chakotha is popular in Devanahally but it is not that much of sweet like Malaysian variety which is growing in Lalbhag. Also heard that one farmer from Belthangady is also having sweet Chakotha.

Hunting for all.

Good one Swamy… Nice info on the same… But after how many year does the tree bear fruit and also how many tree can be planted per acre.

I have recently planted 10 Jackfruit trees in my farm bought from a Nursery in Hyderabad and this is just out of interest and I know it takes a minimum of 10 years to bear fruit. In telugu I know of two varieties which are 1. Kobara Panasa and 2. Buradha Panasa.


Good one Swamy… Nice info on the same… But after how many year does the tree bear fruit and also how many tree can be planted per acre.
[/quote] Grafted plants can start @ 4th year and you can have 50 plants to 80 plants per acre, even my friend is planning to have 100 plants per acre.

Dear All,
Iam searching for all season jack fruits from all over where they can available.
See the photo in which fruits are ready fro ripe during seep-october months.
You may know a jack fruit tree is giving fruits now at your nearest place where you may notice it.

Requesting to revert with any such jack fruit tree photo along with its special charecters like sweetnes, fruiting season, number of fruits bearable etc along with possible contact details with address enabling to meet such farmers to know more about such plant to enhance its numbers for better earning of fellow farmers who are interested to grow.

Another photo which showing small fruit available now and it may ready for ripe in two months.

Yesterday I had been to my friends orchard in which he has planted 2 jack fruits in which decent sized jacks are growing now.
Requesting all to share any noticeable information of jack fruit from you to know all for better feature.

These are readying to ripe during december-January. Need information about jack fruits readily available now to consume.

True fact on Jack Fruit:-
A tasteful jack fruit variety growing in coastal area will gives excellent taste if you grow it in dry land, even in drought prone area.
Grafting can be done at any point of time for jack fruit tree in its any age. Any one interested to do grafting can revert with their tree correctors and photo and how many varieties they need in their single tree?

Today I have visited to Meese Hosur near Doddajala of Bangalore where one jack fruit tree was attracted me with its rare kind of fruit bearing time. Sarvamangalamma, the owner of the tree says, after eating a jack fruit, they thrown the seeds in their compound. After few days, they found plenty of small jack sapling out of which the present tree only left to grow when remaining were removed from that place. Now after 20 years, the tree standing taller than their house which is having about dozen jacks which are going to ripe in one month.

I kept my eyes on them during my travel to my project area, but not able to speak to the owners as they was busy with their family function. Finally today when visited and asked about those 4 fruits, informed that they gone in to vain because no one allowed to take nor they consumed for self. I have lost very good rare jack fruits, because of 2 weeks late on approaching them.

On my request, Owner assured to give remaining fruits for me as they are off-season fruits, which I wanted to use for checking their taste as well for raising saplings through seeds for propagation in the nursery.

After little gap, now jack fruit season is started and farmers are getting premium prices for their early fruits.
The fruits in photo are valued at Rs.450/- on first week of Jan-2013 at Doddaballapura near Bangalore.
During my visit to Araku Vally in last december, I have seen jack fruits from Jagadalpur of Odisha sold as tender fruits to use mainly as vegetable. Heard that North Indians not known much about jack fruit and its value added products consisting about 50.

Can any one may come up with the variety which you tasted and if you feel it is good then please share the information here to know the same in large.

I have received calls to cultivate jack fruit farming and wanted to know your experiences on the below.
How is/was your experience on consuming jack fruits?
What you did with its seeds after consuming the fruit? You can plant it immediate after consuming the fruit as jack seeds not having dormancy and immediately it has to use for germination if you want to grow a jack tree.
As per my knowledge about more than two dozens of value added products can be made out of jack fruit from it tender age to ripening stage.
Can you please come up with your experiences with this jack in the recent past?
Can you elaborate your expertise knowledge for me to learn it?

Dear Swamiji,

Un rippen jack fruit can be used as food item by baking with cocount and yellow powder, . one of best baked food without oil. for its nutritions and health benefits we need to consult experts or google . but from personal experiance it is very good food item. Its seed can be used for side dish as gravey (curry) or baked subji for any main cource like rice or rotty. again a best and tasty side dish. This seed can be preserved by dried and kept in dry sand. it can stored in sand for several days. dried seed can be consumed by curry or sabji or consume directly by toasting in fire.

Rippen jack fruit can be consumed directly, or making baked dished. one of the favourate is bake in cinemon type trees’ leaves. or banana leaves by mixing jackfruit with soji or rice flour.

jams and dried sheets made from jack fruit can be kept several months without any external preservatives.

Dried seed can be used as feed for cows, pigs, ,etc.

best for pig farming,

good things about jack fruit is several.

fallen leaves of jack fruit is best for goats, wood can be used for some creeppers… benefits are unlimited.


A Jack fruit tree can serve us & our next 3 generations where our own children may not serve as we anticipate from them.
A tree cannot fails your purpose where your own kith & kin utterly fails all your hopes on them.

Dear friends,

Can someone give some economics of the tree plantation.
I mean to say , some numbers which indicate the profitability of a venture in Jackfruits.

thanks and BR

Hello Everyone…

Newbie here…

I am planting Moringa/Drumsticks in 2 acres in September… Would it be a good idea to have 10 - 20 Jackfruit trees planted in between? Idea is that they will be together taken care of.

Swamy sir mentioned about grafted trees that yield from 4th year. I am located in Maharshtra near Mumbai. Would you be able to help/point me to where I can get these?


Hi Shri,
you may check with Krishi mahavidyala dapoli, they may help .

agrowon.com/Agrowon/20130719 … 214162.htm

02358 - 282415, 282130

संपर्क - 02358 - 282415, 282130, विस्तार क्र. - 250, 242
उद्यानविद्या विभाग, कृषी महाविद्यालय, दापोली


Thank you SWAMY sir,

We want to Visit your Jackfruit Frm and also in need of seed for TWO Acres o0f Land.

Kindly provide us your Farm Address adn availability of seed/seedlings/Saplings.

Thank you Sir with Regards,
for Vasudha Green Farms,

Can you come up with the present situation of the crop?
Hay you got flowering.fruiting?

Thank you Very Much dns1807 Sir,

We want to meet you when we happened to Vist Bangalore.

Where shall we get Best Variety early Harvesting High Yielding Jackfruits and what is its Price.

Kindly Provide your Contact Number to meet you Sir.

Hi? Request every one to inform Jack Fruits available now. You may please take photo, farmer details/Contacts and fruits informations. We can share together and make use of its benifits as Jack Fruit Tree can feed your 5 generations/ 500 years for you take risk for it to grow about 3 years. Then it will take care of you for next 300 to 500 years.