Issue in Chilli plants

Crop: Chilli
Variety: Unknown
Date or month when noticed: Last 2 months
Location: Bangalore
Climate: Rainy/sunny/cold etc. Rainy
Possible cause: if you already have a view - No idea
Pic attached.

How to solve the issue in an organic manner

Images can be zoomed to see those insects. Looks like White flies

The below is the image of hibiscus :cherry_blossom: flowe

This also looks like a similar problem


Looks like infestation aphid and also whitely and mealybug.
Dont know of organic treatment
Many chemical treatments are available

Hi Mr. Chittaranjan,

There is an attack of sucking pests on your chilli crop.
These sucking pests are whitefly and aphids.

Following are the organic solutions for the same -
→ Beauveria bassiana
→ Verticillium lacanii
→ Metarhizium anisopliae

Mix these with Neem oil and spray to your crop. You will start seeing results within 3-4 days of spray.
Continue using Neem oil for prevention of these insects in future.

These organic insecticides are readily available at the website -

Hi @Siddharth_Dialani
Whats the ratio of the mix?


Beauveria bassiana - 400ml per acre spray
Neem Oil - 250ml per acre spray

One acre generally needs 200L of water