Issue in Banana

I am having problem in Banana Plants. Most of my banana plants are affected by some diseases.(Please see Pictures) Kindly anyone suggest me how to solve the issue.

Thanks & regards

The bore hole in the stem of banana shows the symptom of pseudo stem borer , kind of weevil attack - around the attacked portion secondary infestation with fungal colonies may occur…
To control mix 150 ml monocrotophos in 350 ml water =2 ml of this solution may be injected into the stem to the depth of 2 to 3 leaf level ,not reaching the central stem ( core ) .If flower has emerged do not apply this chemical.
Follow clean cultivation practices. In case of severe infestation uproot and burn the plants.
Remove old and dead leaves.
Monitor the banana weevil activity in a garden by keeping banana stem traps
i) Longitudinal split trap (30 cm)
Swab the cut surface of the longitudinal split traps with 20 g of the formulation either entomopathogenic fungus,Beauveria bassiana,
Matarhizium anisopliae or entomopathogenic nematode,Heterorhabditis indica and keepthe split traps near the banana plant facing cut surface to soil