Is Water Diviner worth the cost?

I am planning to have a bore well dug in my farm.
I approached a water diviner who is asking Rs 10,000 for this task.
I would like to know if there are any benefits of having the water diviner first
before going for a bore well? Is the cost worth it?

Dear Sri DDS,

A scientific water divining is always good before digging a bore well. After inspection by a geologist and assurance from him, also, Ofcourse it is not a guarantee that you will get said water yield in the bore well. There are several bore wells yielded well and failed also considerably, after a good scientific diviners inspection and positive assurance. A gentle, authority Diviner,after checking will say , bright chances to get water, if the results are positive, but he never says, there is good water source.

I suggest you to negotiate with the geologists ( diviners ) for the amount and get it finalise the deal and dig a bore well, and I hope good success to you in getting good water.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

A geologist will charge per acre and he should be able to give multiple points where you can dig borewell.  Is this the same with the water diviner?  The amount you mentioned is on the higher side and if the water diviner has 100% success rate, it may be worth.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

I think the water diviner and geologist are the same.
He is promising over 90% accuracy in predicting good long term sources of water.

Geo Physicist in Hyderabad  charged me 3000 per point to study, and after studying he would recommend top to water sources. I tried negotiating the 15K and paid him 10K. Both the borewells hit the stone with not even a single drop of water. Even he claimed 92% of accuracy.

villagers know the area where there is good water source, and if this is the land recently purchased, you can also ask for previous drilling locations to avoid the same.

Local Water Diviner worked better for me than the GoePhysicist.