Is training and pruning in guava fruit plantation a must to produce high yield?


Guava fruit seedlings planted in Moderate density  ( 250 Plants per acre ) or High density ( 1000 plants per acre ) or Ultra high density ( 2000 plants per acre ) or Ultra Delux density ( 4000 plants per acre ) needs different kind and level of pruning to obtain high yield and first grade marketable quality fruits


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Can you please elaborate on the distance for these various densities of plantation. Have you supervised any plantation’s and which one (Density) is recommended for optimum output.

If I am not asking too much, please write briefly on the Land preparation, season for planting, varieties, and pruning techniques.


Venu Kulkarni


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Ultra delux density - 4000 plants per acre espaced at 1M * 1M
Ultra High density  - 2000 Plants per acre espaced at 2M * 1M
High Density        -  1000 plants per acre espaced at 2M *2M
Dense planting    -  666 plants per acre espaced at 3M * 2M
Moderate dense    -  250 plants per acre espaced at 4M * 4 M
Conventional        -  111 plants per acre espaced at 6 M * 6 M
Above spacing and methods are recommended in view of installation of drip irrigation and operation of farm machinaries for intercultural operation. However there other method of planting like Triangle planting .

The pruning level depends on the planting methods chosen and land preparation and pit size vary in accordance with various soil type . and planting season starts generally before commencement of monsoon in order to ensure establishment and survival of all the planted seedlings with less or no mortality rate

Generally high and ultra high density planting is done to harvest maximum yield in short and early period of cultivation and maintain quality of individual fruits meant for export market , with appropriate canopy management .

I have done all these type of planting with different farmers . The high density and Ultra high dense planting methods are doing excellently well



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Please could you advise on economics of guava cultivation using HDP (1000 plans per acre). Also which varieties are suitable for plantation in Maharashtra.


Dear friend …Hope the following work sheet will help you out in HDP

1.Land preparation and pit formation         -       Rs.06000 .00
2.Saplings @ Rs.100 for 1000 plants[member=6749]rs[/member].100        -         Rs.10000.00
3.Drip irrigation with fertigation system         -         Rs. 75000.00
4.Planting labour         -         Rs.03000.00
5.Manure and fertilizers         -         Rs.30000.00
6.Weed managment         -         Rs.02500.00
7.Canopy management         -         Rs.05000.00
8.Growth regulators & application         -         Rs.02000.00
9.Pest & Disease management         -         Rs.10000.00
10.Organic Mulching         -         Rs.03000.00
11.Contingencies           -         Rs.02500.00
TOTAL           -         Rs.149000.00

1.Second year yield @ 5 kgs per tree - 5000 kgs
2.Third year yield @  10 kgs per tree - 10,000 kgs
3.Fourth year yield@ 20 kgs per tree - 20,000 kgs
5.Fith year yield @ 25 kgs per tree - 25,000 kgs
6.From 6th year onward you can maintain this level of yield to harvest quality fruits .

  1. Second  year  - 5000 kgs @ Rs.30 - Rs.1,50,000.00
  2. Third year -  10,000 kgs @ Rs.30 - Rs.3,00,000.00
  3. Fourth year – 20,000 kgs @ Rs.30 - Rs.6,00,000.00
  4. Fifth year  - 25,000 kgs @ Rs.30 - Rs.7,50,000.00


  1. First year - Rs. 149000.00
  2. Second year - Rs. 050000.00
  3. Third year - Rs. 055000.00
  4. Fourth year - Rs. 060000.00
  5. Fit=fth year - Rs.060000.00
    TOTAL COST FOR FIRST 5 YEARS               -  Rs. 3,74,000.00
    GROSS INCOME FOR THE FIRST 5 YEARS          -  Rs.18,00,000.00
    Net income for the first 5 years   -  Rs.14,26,000.00
    Average income per year -  Rs.2,85,200.00

Varities suitable for Hi density planting are Lalith, Allahabad safeda and Lucknow 49.
Irrespective of the different varities of guava planted in various part of the country , suitable graft with high yielding scion is most prepared in view of regular and continuous bearing with fruit quality .

The gross income may vary depending on the market price every season every year .However the price quoted in this work sheet is nominal and lowest gate price
Also the cost of production varies based on the availability of resources with the farmers and size of the holdings . A farmer who entirely relies on outside resources except land would incur the cost as noted in this work sheet. Other farmers who owns part of the resources needed for cultivation may need lesser cost of production .
Provided lands are fertile and all the cultural practices are followed in time , the yield may increase by 25-40 % more .



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i interesting to visit guava ultra high density planting field,pl give me any farm address to visit sir.

Ramachandran M


Dear Ramu sir
For taiwan grafted guava plantation is also suitable for the above worksheet. How the plantations of high density in taiwan guava veriety. In east godavari dist of AP farmer practicig high density in taiwan guava. Is the VNR bihi is also a taiwan grafted plant or defferent ?. Please farward your valuable note as i am also preparing two acres of taiwan guava plantation.

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Planning to go for Taiwan guava variety, with 10 ft X 10 ft - like 3 m X 3 M - Per Mr Ramu, it will be dense planting. what should be the fertilizer that should be used in the pit before planting. and are there any standard quantities for each of the pit. will be helpful if you can share this info


Dear Sir,
Please describe it more.

2.Saplings @ Rs.100 for 1000 plants[member=6749]rs[/member].100 - Rs.10000.00
… What’s the cost of 1000 saplings. Is it ten thousand or else.
Is it possible to get a plant @ rs 10.
Please tell.


Dear Ramu Sir,
Please describe it more.

2.Saplings @ Rs.100 for 1000 plants[member=6749]rs[/member].100 - Rs.10000.00
… What’s the cost of 1000 saplings. Is it ten thousand or else.
Is it possible to get a plant @ rs 10.
Please tell.


sorry sir. It is a mistake due to oversight .@ Rs.100 it is Rs.1 lac for 1000 plants