Is this of use to keep away wild animals like Nilgai

Hi Everyone…

I face major issue with Nilgai’s coming into the farm and eating all the plantations. My drumstick and mango plantations were destroyed by intriding NilGais.

The Barbed wire fence is almost 4 feet tall, still the Nilgai’s come in somehow.

I was searching for some kind of ways to keep them away… I came across this

Would this kind of a setup be of any use?

Are there any other techniques to keep these animals away? I am continuing to develop live fence with Sagargota and Chillar plants. But need some immediate alternatives.



I have been using electric fence around the growing area. My property is fenced so the large animals can not enter. The electric fence is mainly for rabbits and porcupine and it is working great so far.

You can see the product details here -

They claim their product can keep elephants and bison away too.


Dear Sir
There are Infra red censors which can be placed in such away that whole area is covered,the Alarms/hooters are connected by Wi Fi they can make loud sound and also you are alerted.

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g c jagwani