Is there a Ceiling for purchase of Agricultural land in Kerala?

Hi all

I am an expatriate who has invested all his savings in agriculture land.  Thus I have a 7 acre rubber estate + 2.5 acre land totalling almost to 10 acres.  Now before I come back to settle, I wantsome 12 acres of paddy fields for ZBNF organic rice cultivation one season and for fodder grass cultivation for the balance part.  We have constructed a 20 capacity dairy unit and are expecting our first batch of ghir cows soon.

I got a shocker when the documentation lawyer suggested that I dont buy it in my name - as there is a land ceiling of 15 acre for a full family (incl ownership in my name, parent’s name or sibling name etc.) - ie 15 acre ceiling for a family containing the same ration card.  Some other lawyers say agricultural land (rice fields, rubber estate) are exempt from this and I am totally confused.

Could some Keralites more knowledgeable can guide me as to what to do.  Many thanks. Jayan -

Hello Jayan,

Sorry for delay. By now I believe you would have come to know about the scenario.

If not.
Then yes there is there is a land ceiling of 15 acre for a full family, inlaws and other combinations. Not easy to mess around with documentation.

There are many alternative ways to buy more land. Ask your lawyer he will guide.

as per my knowledge rubber estates    & such plantations are exempted from land ceiling. but not rice fields