Is sulphas dangerous?

hello all.

i want to use sulphas tablets for pest control.

i have read that it is extremely poisonous. is it worth the risk of trying to use it? should i get a professional to do it?

i also read that the newer tablets are less poisonous to humans. is this true?

In post only the answer is hidden and you know the answer.

If the sulphur is poisonous to other insects and plants.  Do you think humans can save them selves?

This belief only pushed humans to produce all sorts of hazardous chemicals and even an atom bomb.

i know that it is dangerous for sure, but is it “deadly” ?

for example, rat poison that you get for house hold usage is dangerous, but it is not “deadly” anymore. they have reduced human toxicity. even if you eat it intentionally, you might fall sick and need to be admitted, but you won’t die from it.

what about sulphas? if i when i store it, someone consumes it by mistake is it 100% death?

You can use hing(asofoetida) instead of sulfur. hing is the natural source of sulfur. if anybody consumes only their face become like monkey temporarily no harm for health.

I think urnest is referring to Celphos (Aluminium Phosphide) and not sulphur.
Celphos is indeed deadly.

yes Chandra i was referring to Celphos, sorry :smiley:

is it dangerous to store as well? I had heard that recently available Celphos is less deadly. is this true?

i had read that it can interact with moisture and emit poisonous gases. is it really safe for me to use by myself?

also, is it available in all popular stores? i had thought “sulphas” was the most popular brand. is there something more common that you guys use?