Is solar light feasible in farms, if yes where to buy from?

I am in the process of setting up the farm, is solar power feasible for the lights requirement in the farm house? If yes, where to buy from, do we have any govt. scheme in Hyderabad?

Any idea if we want to go for 4 lights, 2 fan and one laptop/lcd tv what capacity of the solar plate and battery is required?


Dear Sir,

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  3. During Rainy season the lantern can be charged using normal AC power source.

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Light source: Super Bright LED
Casing: ABS plastics
Battery: Non Spill able, fully Closed - No Maintenance
Solar panel: 1.7 Watt Poly Crystalline
Charging time: 8-10 hours in function of radiation power
Included AC / DC adapter: 220 V
Accessories: phone charger port
Nylon hanger strip
Warranty: 1 year against any manufacturing Defects *

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Does the unit and its panel have to be kept out in the sunlight all day to charge? Does this mean a user would have to rotate the panel at intervals so it faces the sun?

If the unit is user-friendly, its application could be immense. It would do a power of good to the product if videos of the equivalent of a user manual real-light situations were posted on Youtube.



Is this a light alone or do you have solutions as asked by the original poster?

There are now several solar lantern products that are available in the market in the sub Rs.1000 range (retail) and some in sub Rs.500 range including D.light which pioneered this category.

For solar lighting subsidies / schemes in Hyderabad region, contact NEDCAP

Yes, lightingwise, there seem several options.

It would be interesting to see if there are also options for providing for other power needs too. I see there are some ads floating for solar motors and acs which don’t seem economical.

I wonder if our engineering friends on the forum have some cost effective DIY ideas for lights, fans, motors and possibly a modem.

There were some schemes in karnataka, i do not know the details, but have seen in one of my friends home.  They paid around 30K for the whole setup, that would work for lights, fans, tv ( crt one ) etc.  I think there are some program by MNRE.

Here is one vendor…located in vijayawada. Had bookmarked the link but have not checked their credentials.

Hello everyone,

We are EnerGWise a renewable energy company providing products and solutions in the energy sector through alternate energy methods.

We have a Solar powered lantern with the following specifications kindly do let us know if you are interested to buy them.

The price of the Solar lantern is 1600 INR + Shipping charges and comes with a warranty of ONE Year and 24/7 Technical Support.

The price of the Lantern without the solar option is 900 INR + Shipping charges and comes with the same one year warranty and 24/7 technical support.

We are also interested in potential distributors all over the country.

For more information contact us.



Here are some more pictures of the Solar lantern which without the solar option can be used as a emergency lamp.




Solar Lantern.pdf (190 KB)


I hail from Coimbatore ,tamilnadu. Recently I installed a 5hp (solar Photo Voltaic ) pump in my farm land near coimbatore. Kindly look at this link: … 5-2012.pdf

pv 10-5-2012.pdf (2.35 MB)

Could you translate few things, size of the cells, capacity, cost etc.  I can’t read Tamil.


The size of the cells: 36 panels of 140 watts each, in total 5240 watts will generate 870 volts DC ,which is being converted into 3phase 415 volts AC by a programme Logic controler.then directly fed to the 3phase 5 HP borewell pumpset. The cost for 5 HP works out 6lakhs.


Thank you all for you inputs and information. I did a lot of research on this subject and found that it is an expensive thing. I initially planned to have a solar solution for my farm house (actually a shed) with 4 CFL lights, 2 Fans and 1 TV as the max capacity and I was give a quote of close to 1.2 lakhs which I fould was quite expensive.

As an alternative what I did was I bought an Inverter where I get the battery charged at my house and take it along when I go to the farm and this is providing me enough power for a night which is what I usually spend at the farm.

I appreciate if anyone can give me a better solution.


Dear Srinivas,

The quote which you have mentioned can be ascertained whether costly or not once you let me know what is the desired runtime in hrs of your said loads.

Now that you have bought inverter & battery, if you can kindly let me know the capacity of inverter in Kva, no.of batteries you have, Battery capacity in Ah, I can recommend solar solution as retrofit to your existing UPS and Battery setup, which would be way cheaper than what is commonly quoted.

Awaiting your reply with details.


Saravana Kumar
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems

mr. Saravana Kumar,

I have 2kva and 150 ah X 2 no batteries please suggest how many solar panels and charge controler rating i need.

Thanks / krishnaprasad

Dear Mr.Krishna Prasad,

Thank you for the information.

You need 800 - 1000 watts solar panels along with a 24V MPPT/PWM charge controller.

During summer’s 800watts would be sufficient but during winter/rains 800watts would not be enough so 1000watts is optimum.

Also, using a MPPT CC instead of PWM based CC will give you a yield gain between 10 - 15% as well.


Saravana Kumar
Greencurrent Solar Energy Systems