Is Polyhouse suitable to my weather condition


I am KondalRao from Andhra Pradesh.My place is located near Singarayakonda(Nellore to Ongole Highway, Prakasam dist). Singarayakonda Latitude 15.250522000000000000 Longitude 80.022589899999960000. We are very near to Bay-of-Bengal(10 kms).So during rainy season,we are effecting more bcoz of cyclones and during summer we feel very hot.This is my weather condition.

I have 1 acre land,I am planing to start Polyhouse forming near my place and planing to cultivate Tomato and Capsicum.

Is Ployhouse forming suitable to my weather condition ?
If,Yes. Then what is the capital i need for construction ?
and How about returns ?

Which weather conditions are good for Polyhouse forming ?


Dear Mr. Kondalrao,

Good evening!

Polyhouses are made up of iron frame and plastic, and cyclones are common in your area. Hence it is difficult to go for it. As you said, you are interested in capsicum and tomato, high humidity is not suitable for these crops. So I would like to recommend, flower crops like gerbera or orchids (With some modification). Obviously, it depends upon market connectivity and distance. For floriculture projects of 1000m2 total cost will be around 12 to 13 lakhs. In this, government is giving subsidy.


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