Is Organic Farming / Natural Farming practical?




Yes, the method of unlearning I have to practice. Being from the technical field, it has become an habit to first see the spec sheet. I presume you must have also done so. What ever we guys see,  invariably our eyes go and stop at the specifications sheet. Be it implements or seeds. Yes I need to unlearn .

I will follow your advise. A good idea, Instead of an pvc pipe, I will use an black metal pipe, the one we use for electrical conduit in houses.




Hi All,

Am just back from a visit to Mr Kailashmurthy’s farm. Yes this farm is a visual treat to watch.

During my interactions with him, he explained that his methods are “Pure Natural Farming” . He does not put any manure, not even any external organic matter, has just allowed the trees and plants to grow naturally as they would grow in forests etc.

Yes he treated us with loads and loads of Mangoes, they all tasted very good  ;D  ;D  . Free of cost to eat at his place and to take home also  ;D  ;D

May be I will borrow some of his methods and try implementing the same in my place. Its my luck that his farm is just 2km from mine.  :smiley:  :smiley:




Pics pics?  :smiley:
Does this apply to seasonal crops too?


Hi Chandra,

This was an unscheduled visit to his place. Just dropped in, as his place is near to mine. Lucky to find Mr Kailashmurthy himself sharing some gnyan with local school teachers.

Seasonal crops , yes , but the looks are different. Perinial and seasonal are growing together. No separate earmarked places for them. Could see some Yam, Drumsticks etc etc mixed with other trees.

Will post the pics after my next visit.




Posting a few websites, I came acress while researching the topic.

1.Mr  Kailashmurthy’s intiatives :
2. Vanashree - A true self sustaining conectpt.


Hi All,

Just stated work on the farm. The soil analysis from horticulture lab is out. Its only on the chemical composition and not on the physical quality. It says.

  1. pH 6.13
  2. EC  0.65
    3.Organic Matter 0.61
  3. P 2.54
    5.K 21.76
  4. Fe 1.4
  5. Mn 11.6
  6. Zn 0.9
  7. Cu 0.9

Recommendations are to add lime, and a lot of OM. And field offers suggest to add a lot of gypsum. Will keep you posted on the soil improvement results.




We would also like to go the organic way. Based on my experiences I am not sure if Organic Farming can be applicable & viable for large farms / acreages. It may best be suited for small acreages. I may be wrong and I would be happy to be corrected on this. My experience below;

We are developing a plantation / farm spanning 70 acres in Southern Tamil Nadu. We are planning for a mix of vegetable crops, pulses, millets.

We are going to commence land preparation work in the next 2 weeks time. We are not in an position to source Farmyard Manure & Organic Composts for field preparation for such a large acreage. We do not want to buy organic composts / farmyard manure from outside as the costs are very prohibitive and it will make the cultivation economics unviable. Costs apart, there isn t sufficient quantity of FYM / composts available in & around our locality to meet our requirement.

Going forward we do not see the possibility of running a dairy / cattle operation to provide us the manure. Working the numbers for 70 odd acres, we may have to run a very large dairy / cattle operation to provide FYM for 70 acres. We are not keen on this as we do not want to be distracted from the core focus on cultivation.

What are the other cost effective alternatives beyond farmyard manures & organic composts for land preparation

I shall appreciate feedback & advice from experts & users in this forum




This is an excellent discussion between Mr Candra and Mr Cowherd. I am a Physics person, I read the discussions in full and understand the contents shed by two agricultural experts. Just today only I happened to read it. If natural farming is the best option, what is the necessity to have agriculture universities?. Can I put it like this, man has exploited the soil ruthlessly to quench his passion.


Hello All,

This is just a thought and may not be correct also.

Is coffee waste a good manure? Is there any adverse effect when we make this to decompose and add to soil?

I am telling this because, there are several corporates in cities today, which use coffee vending machines for providing coffee / tea to their employees. The coffee waste is thrown to garbage. This can be a good manure, if treated properly.

From one office we can definitely get a good amount of this every day.

Is this a workable solution?


Hi natural/ organic farming enthusiast!

I ask everybody what actually the plant is drawing from soil through its roots. can anybody say the rice plants cultivated in chemical and organic methods uptake nutrients in different forms from the soils? can anybody challenge the organic produce only will taste good purely bcoz of organic methods of cultivation when the plants itself has been genetically modified? .can anybody stand the point that  only organic farming will be sustainable when the real fact is that one cm thick soil takes many thousand years in its course of  formation with simultaneous natural process of weathering,vegetation,climatic vagaries, natural microbial activities and its inherent relationship with the native soil in its formation and other associated events? man cant compete with the nature with regard to its manifestation on this earth whether it is soil or crop. In the primitive world , people followed natural farming by planting original native plant seeds in the soil, applied cow dung and ash and after reaping the crop, they left that land fallow and moved to another location where they cleared forest land and started cultivation. because nature takes longer period to restore its original soil fertility.It is a slow and steady process.people now cant wait that longer so also pure organic farming as like one practiced in the early primitive world is impossible now.Original plant varieties have natural and inherent resistance to pest and disease becoz of controlling factor, genes.The world renowned Agri scientist Dr.Swaminathan advocated Chemical farming as a only solution for indian people in the sixtees.Now the same scientist  advocate organic farming as  sustainable way . see when a system is disturbed in any of its location whether minor or major , it will have its own implication. Like wise when you totally manipulated the genetic make op of the crop plants. you cant expect  same result in terms of crop performance as in original way of organic farming which is a complicated phenomena evolved by nature over many thousand of years in its natural course which somebody in 21 st century boast in disguise as an organic expert. it is meaningless to deliberate on this subject just with the knowledge of books of different authors who differ among themselves in their opinion.The only suggestion which i may propose is that better the farming community can reduce or avoid chemical pesticide which is too toxic and having high residual value so as to reduce its lethal effect on human life. No doubt pure organic farming though being noble in its idea and merit will not be a sustainable method which nature alone can decide.



Hello cowherd,
From your initial reaction I thought you were religiously organic. Now from the later posts I find that you have a scientific approach and have the facts and figures to prove your point.
Happy farming.
Ouseph Karuveli.


There is no exchange of views and results in this subject?
Dear Successors who achieved great results from both forms, can you please come back with your stories please.


Dear all
I am graduate from Mumbai
I am planning to do cultivation at my village in Kutch Gujarat
I don’t have any knowledge about agricultre.
But have decided to go with promoganate in 3 acre of my farm first
I went through all the post by Cowheard
I have decided to do Natural farming.
Can any one help me how to start with it.
Are there any farms near Mumbai so that it can be visited and get knowledge about organic farming
M K Bhadra


Simply deciding to do something based on someone else experiences is not probably the best approach to do farming. What works for some may not work for others. Especially if you have no knowledge about farming. Don’t yet decide based on a few exchange you read on the forum. Instead your decisions should be backed by facts, logic and ability to execute what you set out to do. Im not against natural farming. Infact I love the idea of nature taking care of everything within itself. Point im trying to make is, irrespective of whether its natural or NPK farming, study it well before you start it. If you planning to grow pomegranates,  suggest you start a thread in this section … ers/  . Im sure someone will help with suggestions.

Below is a link if you want to contact some farmers


This is very discouraging post by agri_ex
I am new to agriculture but have done enough field study to start with
I want more information about any organic/farms near mumbai so that I can visit and get more knowledge


Contact any local KVK to obtain a correct list, they should have it. I am not sure if there is a KVK for mumbai district and most farms I believe are out of mumbai and spread across various districts in maharashtra. you can try these or goa, gujarat as these are closer as well

palekarzerobudgetnaturalfarming. … adress.pdf

the above link has a list of farmers across India that follow various nuances of palekars zero budget approach

These should help you identify and perhaps visit some of these farms, hope it helps

on another note, when you post an item up for discussion there will be a lot of views that will reflect different perspectives of any particular topic, these do not necessarily intend to discourage but rather expand the horizon of a “topic / domain” which sometimes is viewed only through a single line or prism of thought

what you glean and how you use these opinions is totally up to you. an idea has a greater chance of succeeding with a devils advocate rather than without



I suggest a visit to Shri Save’s farm at Umbergaon.Please check the details on the website suggested by an earlier member .
I also suggest reading Masanobu Fukuoka’s “One straw revolution” .         
                All the best.


Dear Bhadra,
You don’t worry on your way to do agriculture, you can call me to know more or to observe experts posts in which you will get good Idea as to how best you can go ahead to reach your goal.
All the best.


Thank you members
I have never found such a help from any other forum


The principle of Natural farming is NOTHING FROM OUTSIDE OF YOUR LAND IS REQUIRED TO GROW WHAT YOU WANT. Everything should create in the land itself i.e. our intervention is to the extent of maintaining appropriate biomass along with atmosphere in the land. Remaining everything is available in this nature which has got many more than the above mentioned.

Money should flow towards you and you should not purchase anything from outside to produce agricultural products in natural farming.