Is Milking machine a good Option? Share any experience


I am new in Dairy work and have started last month with production of avg 210 liters per Day. I am planning to go for utilizing milking machine. As i have no experience in this, I request members to give me valuable suggestions or share their experience regarding problems, type of machines or any other information.


There is no problem with milking machine if you go for reliable company. Decide how many cows you will have in next 2-3 years and based on that decide number of cans/buckets to go for. You get 1, 2, 4, and more cans which can milk so many cows at the same time.

Check quotes for machines from Delaval, Westfalia, Milkwell, Tarimak (which is marketed by one of the members here) and any other company which has a outlet or service station near to you.
Check price of each and decide, all are renowned companies.
I have delaval machine with 4 buckets and am satisfied with its performance. You can alter the machines to run on kerosene motors in case of power failure. Contact Mr. aleem from Delaval (09665099380) who is one  of the person in Pune, maybe he can give you help within your nearby location. I am not advertising Delaval, its better to check with other companies also before you proceed.
Personally, I dont think you should trust India make machines.

Milking machine will help you finish your work faster and also milking completely without any other hazards to cow.

Good luck.


which cows u have ??

Milking Machines having ISO standards is better. Please do not go after very old technology machines. Latest is oil free machines having pneumatic type Pulsator. Milk sight glass will be present immediately after teat cup, enabling you to see milk in each teat and observe any problems.  Country of origin very important in determining quality and durability.

What are the costs of milking machine ? (For 25 cows )

price for one can machine is 66000 Rs. This is for cow…

For buffalo 1 can machine cost 95000… which can use for cow also…

This make dalaval…

Oh yes. It is the only reliable option these days for hygienic milking and complete milking. Milking Machines are very popular in the buffalo farms in Hyderabad, Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra, Kerala states. You just cannot see milkers in these places.

World over milking machines are same for cows and buffaloes. The difference is not with the machine or can cluster assembly. It a small modification done to the pulsating mechanism.

Any milking machine can be used for cows and buffaloes. The milk let down procedure in case of cows is instant - meaning you can see milk flowing out as soon as you attach the cluster assembly to the teats of a cow. Whereas in buffaloes, when you attach the cluster assembly, the buffalo has to get stimulated, and then milk flow starts.  Normally in buffalo farms, milkers use their hands for stimulation or attach the cluster and wait for sometime for the buffalo to start milk let down.

Cow milking machine cost starts at Rs.55000/- with pneumatic pulsation. Transport & installation charges extra. Portable models costs less.  Under 10 cows/buffaloes, portable model is enough. Good imported machines ISO certified might cost Rs.70000/-, which can be used for cows and buffaloes. Now a days most of the dairy farms have less than 10% buffaloes and they milk buffaloes with the same can cluster assembly used to milk cows.

Murali krishnan